Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting a new tour

Hey All,

I am so sorry, but we've had some early mornings this tour and I am exhausted by the time I get to the hotel room. It makes it so hard to power up the computer to do a blog entry!

We started our tour in a maintenance base, so I included a picture of what one of these hangars look like. It is taken through the window of the airplane from the left seat - I have finally gotten enough hours in the X to be able to do empty legs from the left seat. Usually, as the SIC, or second in command, I sit in the right seat. When I have enough experience in the airplane I will be able to fly passenger occupied legs from the left seat.
You would be amazed at how different it is to fly from another seat. The yoke is the same, the view is pretty much the same, but the power controls are on the opposite side. I have to run the throttles, speedbrakes and thrust reversers with my right hand instead of the left. Plus, the X has pedal steering but it also has a tiller. There is a small wheel that is about the size of a drink cup lid that the pilot can turn to assist while taxiing. It is VERY sensitive, and I need a lot more work to make it smooth. I have to remind myself that you can't let it go - it centers very rapidly, which results in a jerking motion. The captain I'm flying with is pretty patient, but I wouldn't want passengers to have to suffer through this ride.

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