Monday, August 18, 2008

Flying and Alpacas

You're probably wondering what Alpacas have to do with flying. Well, first, the one of the captains I flew with last week was nice enough to let me take his picture in the cockpit up at altitude, preparing to eat his crew meal. I know I spend a lot of time talking about eating around here, so I figured I would show you how it looks to eat up in the cockpit. It's nothing fancy, that's for sure. Push your seat back as far as it'll go, open up your plastic food container, and dig in! If you're lucky, you won't get any of it on your shirt (or tie, or pants, etc.).

Gary, the captain, lives on a farm in Kentucky and raises Alpacas in his free time. His website is You'll notice he was kind enough to put up a link to Girls With Wings on his site. I fly with some pretty interesting and cool people!

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