Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Back from Oshkosh

Wondering where the heck I've been? I just arrived home last night from Oshkosh, so I have some serious unpacking and catching up to do. I promise to post very soon about how the show went. I also owe the newsetter to everyone, so I'll be a bit busy for the next few days.
There was a lot of attention on women this year, like the picture at right courtesy of AVWeb. "Women, Airplanes, and Lots of Pink Shirts!"

We hope you like hot pink! Thursday morning saw a record gathering of female
pilots on AeroShell Square here at EAA AirVenture. The rendezvous reminded
visitors to the show that aviation isn't just for the boys' club and hopefully
encouraged women of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their interest in flying.
Among the attendees were celebrity pilots, renowned authors, acclaimed
journalists and photographers, and many recognizable movers and shakers in the

Thank you for your support,

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