Sunday, December 31, 2006

I love the input to this next question. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

What detractors do you see for little girls and their continued interest in aviation? What do you see as solutions? In what way could you see Girls With Wings assisting in contributing to a solution?

1. Still a male dominated vocation and continued education and encouragement required to keep girls/women interested

2. funding and time

3. Still a "good old boy" mentality at most aviation-related industries

4. Fying cost's money. There's little advice for teens on how to get the money to take flying lessons.

5. The focus on aviation being for men. Some girls don't think they have a chance. They need to be encouraged to follow their dreams. I have a 4 yr old that wants to fly helicopters, even though her dad is a fighter pilot, and as long as he says that is what she wants I'm all for it!

6. Girls need something to actively participate in like a club for girls who want to fly and meet at least once a week. The club would have to be mostly girls otherwise the girl who gets stuck with a bunch of girls she dosen't know may feel uncomfortable.

7. ideas given to children assist them in making choices

8. Not enough information out there about women in aviation. When I went to college, it was more tailored to men, and even in high school, it's defined as a male dominated field.

9. Detractors: Just the fact that aviation is such a small percentage of the population and is not really understood by the general public. Solution: Exposure, exposure, exposure, and positive programs such as the one you are promoting.

10. Girls are not really encouraged to pursue careers in aviation or aerospace. There is an imagine in society that careers in engineering or science would typically be for men - and that is an image that needs to be changed. More seminars and conferences need to be provided for girls who have the interest or who don't even have the interest to expose them to what is out there in aviation and aerospace. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into in the aviation industry - we need to all get together and encourage the future of aviation today in order for success tomorrow and beyond.

11. Not many have the interest that guys do, people don't expect girls to so girls end up paying for everything themselves and it gets costly and then girls just forget there dreams

12. I believe that, at the root of it, young girls simply do not receive enough exposure to aviation. I was lucky to have a father that was an 'aviation-buff' and was my exposure avenue. I was also taught that I 'can do whatever I want to do in life' despite standard convention. I think your website/organization is a great step towards a solution. I realize that it must be a huge financial burden, but maybe advertising the organization through non-aviation related avenues (where the focus/target group is young girls) might create more exposure. For example, how about getting a blurb/link on a Nikelodeon website - one that comes to mide is "Dora the Explorer"? That show's target group is children of pre-schooler age (which I can imagine a majority are girls). However, I am not in any way familiar with the legal/ethical implications of associating a non-profit group with one that that is profit-based.

13. other life goal, just everyday life stress with school growing up. to fix it have an easy way of learning everything there is to know about getting an airplane in the air.

14. to keep girls in their idea of flight

15. Young girls need to be exposed to aviation.. and after they show a interest it needs to be incouraged... still a good ole boys network at most airports.

16. significant cost of training

17. Elementary schools study transportation and female pilots are not well represented in books. I think if more girls knew they COULD be pilots, they would want to pursue it.

18. You know my opinion already . ..

19. Perception that girls shouldn't fly cuz it is for boys only- solution is education. You are on the right track having female mentors and video clips available for the girls. Girls have to see girls doing it and succeding at any aspect of aviation.

20. Things available in the "mainstream" (non-aviation-related) stores are geared towards males. Let's try to encourage more women to write books geared to girls who are interested in aviation, manufacturers to make clothing with airplanes in "girl clothes", etc.

21. I speak with middle school girls regularly promoting aviation, and very few have ever considered a career in aviation, they seem to lean towards nursing and teaching. I believe this is a result of a number of issues the biggest being lack of exposure to other aviation oriented females.

22. I think that the only way to directly show girls the possibilities is to present programs in schools or to girls groups like the Brownies or the Campfire Girls. Or to the YWCA? There must be many more girls' groups that I don't know about.

23. I think little girls don't realize or consider that they could be a pilot. It never occurred to me! More education would help this I think.

24. As a hispanic girl growning up, my families priorities were that i get a good education. Something safe, close to home, and financially stable. Then they wanted me to start a family. I never had goals past that. I didn't know what was out there for me, when i left home and joined the Corps it was a last resort. I think if we continue to set examples for young women to aspire to other than the convientional, like you have on this site, then we will see more woman thinking outside of the box. We need to continue to get news out about other carrer fields. Your doing a great job, but we have to really get out there.

25. too much media emphasis on shallow things, like looks we need to inspire young women and make it seem commonplace that women work in aviation fields

26. crusty old men in FBOs scare them away...unless girls (of any age) are deeply commited to learning or closely associated with a CFI, they will be scared away. I've seen it mulitple times. (Fortunately I'm jsut stubborn enough to stick it out.) Flyers members could print and pin up at FBOs may give some of them encouragement.

27. There are no real role models for them, no the heros we have are not in the childs world unless one of us brings it to her.

28. People in general don't realize that aviation is open to all. More females with wings in the higher ranks of gov. & civ. world.

29. Lack of Mentors, Lack of exposure

30. Girls have generally been discouraged from flying and flying careers. We attend numerous "fly-ins" and have never seen a workshop or information for young girls. There are always fathers & sons & grandsons but rarely any girls at these events. Information is a very important part of "Girls With Wings" and expos at the major flight events around the nation.

31. Detractors would be a lack of emphasis on "physical conditioning" for girls such as in sports, running, it is with youg boys. By the time they are old enough to enter into a program leading to aviation qualification, it is harder to keep up with the physical requirements ( in the military) than with boys who are encouraged to be "physical" or athletic all throughout childhood. A solution would be an emphasis on Physical Activities in school for young girls, not just a Loitering type of "recess" at lunch. Girls with Wings might help alleviate this by sponsoring a "field day" or an "aviation olympics" for the satellite clubs or groups once or twice a year at a regional location to encourage competition and rigorous physical training among the young girls.

32. In the articles that I have read, it seems that minorities succeed a lot more when they have a one on one mentor. An adult that has climbed the ladder and can help lead the way for the next generation. I think that I know at least a half a dozen women pilots that would help in this project!

33. The old stigma of girls aren't pilots seems to be going away. Keep getting the word out, and doing what you're doing! I want my little girl to be a pilot!

34. Counselors that still think of flying as a "man's job." Counselors that do not know how to tell students HOW to become a pilot. Lack of female role models.

35. well maybe you girls/guys can visit different schools and stuuf

36. I don't think that little girls get exposed to women pilots very often. I always see shy stares and even avoidance of eye contact as I walk through airports in my pilot's uniform. If only I could hand out flyers or something to help them understand that the sky isn't even the limit....

37. Awareness of women pilots is important and GWW is assisting in that goal.

38. Just getting the girls to learn about flying. I gave a ride (Eagle Flight) to a 7 year old girl. When it was over, she wanted to be a pilot. Didn't realize that women could fly!

39. First, girls are not told that aviation is a possibility. Parents need to be made more aware of the possibilities. Second, we need to get into the schools in the early grades through middle school and make as many young girls as possible know about the joys of flying.

40. Detractors- cost of aviation. Possible scholarship opportunity?

41. Bias in the educational systems is still a significant factor.

42. Lack of access to planes/finances. In short, the same problem that most of us face. I didn't get my license until I was 36. I didn't realize until I was 32 or 33 that General Aviation even existed. I figured that either you flew for the military or the military then the airlines and that was it. I never looked into it further because I've always hated math (despite being in advanced math classes) and have lousy eyes and I figured both of those would exclude me from the military. Girls with Wings might be able to help by recruiting women who own their own planes to go into local schools and maybe offer short rides to little girls. Just an idea. I realize the liability implications are large.

43. problem is continued attitude that women don't belong in these careers -- even comments such as "i didn't know a woman could be a pilot". team up with other technical organizations that are women and girl oriented, such as society of women engineers...

44. "Normalization" of women piloting gets better every year. Ways that Girls with Wing can help are by 1)providing a network for young girls with aviation aspirations to connect through, 2)providing connections with mentors 3)listing of educational and scholarship opportunities 4)making aviation fun.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I've spent the last three nights sitting standby in Las Vegas! I'm definitely glad to be getting out of here before the New Years Eve revelers arrive...

Next question:
If this company developed a non-profit division in order to exclusively promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, would you commit to a tax deductible contribution? (This is the Generate LIFT division of Very Important Pilots, LLC.)

Response Percent Response Total
Yes. 34.5% 20
No. 29.3% 17
Possibly (please clarify). 36.2% 21
1. Depends on USA taxation laws regarding foreign contributions eg: Canada
2. How much and how often?
3. Would want to know more first
4. I would be interested in seeing scholarships available.
5. Depends on the funds I would have
6. i don't know
7. If finances allow ( we are one income military family)
8. Don't spread yourself too thin, though
9. if presentations were done at schools or aviation conferences
10. Depends on family commitments, and my previous financial commitment to other institutions.
11. really don't know if I would or not.
12. Tax deductible is important!
13. I would need to know more information first.
14. i dont know what that is or what it means srry
15. my salary is really bad this year, but I'd probably send a few bucks to help out.
16. Can only provide small personal donation, not corporate.
17. YES! When I have a stellar job when I get out of the Peace Corps!
18. I would want to see what is planned for the target population.
19. I'm a flight instructor...I would love to donate, but honestly it depends on the weather!
20. Depends on what is presented. High quality information would result in a contribution.
21. It would depend on my finances at the time and how frustrated I was at the lack of humanities and arts in the local schools at the time.

Total Respondents 58
(skipped this question) 59

Friday, December 29, 2006

What merchandise would you like to see Girls With Wings produce?

Response in Percent followed by Response Total
Dolls with accessories. 39.7% 25
Calendars, note cards, stickers, other printed materials. 65.1% 41
Books/Videos/Software, etc. 57.1% 36
More apparel for children. 60.3% 38
More apparel for adults. 47.6% 30
More layette items to give as gifts. 25.4% 16
Jewelry. 42.9% 27
Hats, bags, other accessories. 46% 29
Other (please specify). 17.5% 11

1. games for free
2. ...deleted, inappropriate...
3. Logo golf balls. A lot of women play golf.
4. school supplies, folders, notebooks, pencils etc. my child would definately stock up!
5. Airplane toys, airport toys and set ups
6. Clothing is great, just try to remember there are some pilots who are not a size 8.
7. Perhaps medium sized posters for kids' rooms.
8. Decorative nursery items with feminine aviation themes and colors. My daughter and son-in-law are decorating their baby-to-be's nursery in an airplane theme. I thought they were crazy! My son in law has a private pilot's license in Alaska. I was on e-bay looking for airplane items that might work for a baby's room. Impressed by your website, "Girls with wings".
9. Books written specifically with GWW motives in mind, not just run-of-the-mill publications.
10. Anything that would get young women into aviation.
11. "girlified" toy air craft toys.....toy remote control planes and helicopters....maybe in "pink".

Total Respondents 63
(skipped this question) 55

Thursday, December 28, 2006

During this tour we spent a lot of time taking people to and from Florida from the New York and New Jersey area. After a little while flying up at altitude, our window starts to show frost and ice!

Why is that? You would think, wouldn't you, that the higher you get in the sky, the closer you are to the sun... so warmer, right? Actually the reverse is true, and it's called the environmental lapse rate. The environmental lapse rate (ELR), is the actual change of temperature with altitude of the stationary atmosphere at a specific time and specific location. The ELR at a given place varies from day to day and even during each day. As an average the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) defines an international standard atmosphere with a temperature lapse rate of 6.5 °C per km (3.57 °F/1000 ft or 1.99°C/1000 ft) from sea level to 11 km. See Wikipedia for more information.

They are talking about the first level of the atmosphere, the troposhere. The envelope of gas surrounding the Earth changes from the ground up. Five distinct layers have been identified using thermal characteristics (temperature changes), chemical composition, movement, and density. Can you name them?

The troposphere begins at the Earth's surface and extends up to 4-12 miles (6-20 km) high. This is where we live. As the gases in this layer decrease with height, the air become thinner. Therefore, the temperature in the troposphere also decreases with height. As you climb higher, the temperature drops from about 62°F (17°C) to -60°F (-51°C). Almost all weather occurs in this region. The height of the troposphere varies from the equator to the poles. At the equator it is around 11-12 miles (18-20 km) high, at 50°N and 50°S, 5½ miles and at the poles just under four miles high. For more information, click here.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Yea! Finally back on the road flying, unfortunately a lot of early mornings and long days.

Next survey question:

Based on your background and experience, where would you like to see MORE of a Girls With Wings presence?

Response in Percent, followed by Response Total

Aviation Conventions and Expos. 60% 39
Schools and Educational Forums. 86.2% 56
Online, in website development. 52.3% 34
Airport Giftshops and other stores. 73.8% 48
Other (please specify). 15.4% 10

1. Dovetail programs into Women In Aviation and 99's to show a link to future adult female info and links.
2. games games games
3. i want to join airforce as gd pilot i have lost my chance but still i mcrazy about airforce and aircraft
4. ACTUALLY FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Any where to get exposure. How about a display in airport restaurants?
6. Aviation Museums
7. Magazines, like Flight Training, AOPA Pilot, as well as more "mainstream" like magazines oriented to teens. Also, working with something like the American Girl dolls.
8. Aviation Museums! There are many around the country, and they almost always have gift shops. I know one in Owls Head, Maine, that's a Transportation Museum and well-visited. It has lots of old planes, and a great gift shop with aviation stuff for boys and hardly anything for girls. I'd like to see your stuff there. Could you get your stuff into the Air Force Academy gift shop in Colo. Springs, CO.? Of course, Denver International Airport (DIA) is a must.
9. Schools (Magnet possibly) where there is an afterschool program, perhaps, such as the Spanish Club or Key Club, there can be a future pilots club which provides field trips to aviation museums, guest speakers and tours of military airfields where the girls can climb all over different kinds of aircraft and get the "feel" of what it would be like to work around them. Also, planned trips to airshows!
10. Visual media

Total Respondents 65

Next post, I'll talk about how cold it is up at altitude!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pinning on my wings.

Next Question: Based on your background and experience, where would you like to see MORE of a Girls With Wings presence?

Response Aviation Conventions and Expos. Percent Response 60% Total 39
Schools and Educational Forums. 86.2% 56
Online, in website development. 52.3% 34
Airport Giftshops and other stores. 73.8% 48
Other (please specify). 15.4% 10

Based on your background and experience, where would you like to see MORE of a Girls With Wings presence?

1. Dovetail programs into Women In Aviation and 99's to show a link to future adult female info and links.
2. games games games
3. i want to join airforce as gd pilot i have lost my chance but still i mcrazy about airforce and aircraft
4. ACTUALLY FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Any where to get exposure. How about a display in airport restaurants?
6. Aviation Museums
7. Magazines, like Flight Training, AOPA Pilot, as well as more "mainstream" like magazines oriented to teens. Also, working with something like the American Girl dolls.
8. Aviation Museums! There are many around the country, and they almost always have gift shops. I know one in Owls Head, Maine, that's a Transportation Museum and well-visited. It has lots of old planes, and a great gift shop with aviation stuff for boys and hardly anything for girls. I'd like to see your stuff there. Could you get your stuff into the Air Force Academy gift shop in Colo. Springs, CO.? Of course, Denver International Airport (DIA) is a must.
9. Schools (Magnet possibly) where there is an afterschool program, perhaps, such as the Spanish Club or Key Club, there can be a future pilots club which provides field trips to aviation museums, guest speakers and tours of military airfields where the girls can climb all over different kinds of aircraft and get the "feel" of what it would be like to work around them. Also, planned trips to airshows!
10. Visual media

Total Respondents 65 (skipped this question) 53

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Next survey question: Demographic Information

Please tell us a few things about yourself (the person who most often visits the GWW website). Category is followed by percent who answered the question, followed by number of responses total, followed by specific answers given (and my comments in italics if applicable).

Age. 97% 64 Average is 34 years old
(a little older than my target audience... ;o) )

Occupation. 92.4% 61
1. Fire Suppression Flight Team
2. Attorney
3. Naval Flight Officer
4. grandma of future girl w/wings
5. 3-4
6. student
7. RN
8. student & wife of fighter pilot
9. Chief Flight Instructor
10. kindergarten
11. Director of Operations for a small hub airport
12. Master CFI
13. Education Outreach Coordinator
14. Horse Handler
15. Student
16. WSO(Weapon Systems Operator) in F/A-18F
17. student
18. non
19. school
20. student
21. Air Traffic Controller
22. home maker
23. homemaker
24. Student
25. student
26. recruiter
27. pilot
28. pilot- international cargo 747
29. Caseworker
30. Aviation Careers Presenter/Pilot
31. educator
32. self-employed
33. Corporate Pilot
34. pilot
35. hair stylist
36. United States Marine Corps
37. Airline Pilot
38. US Air Force
39. pilot
40. Apache/Longbow Attack Pilot
41. writer
42. former naval aviator, mom of 4
43. Law
44. Ah64-D Longbow Attack Helicopter Pilot
45. student
46. Pilot
47. military instructor pilot
48. Airline Pilot/Writer
49. student
50. regional airline pilot
51. retired
52. Admin. Officer, Aeronautics Div
53. Server/Bartender
54. HS math teacher
55. pilot
56. Flight Instructor/FBO Manager
57. Blackhawk Test Pilot
58. Retired (health care professional)
59. Graphic Designer
60. engineer
61. airline pilot

Gender. 95.5% 63 7 of 63 respondents were men.

Geographical Location. 97% 64

1. Sask. & Ont. CANADA
2. Georgia
3. NAS Pax River
4. Wisconsin
5. fort bragg
6. asia
7. Southern California
8. United Kingdom
9. BC, Canada
10. Idaho, United States
11. California
12. Midwest
13. Gillespie Field, El Cajon, Ca.
14. Phoenix, AZ
15. IL
16. Minnesota, USA
17. Southern California
18. maryland
19. husdon Mi
20. orlando florida
21. United States
22. Iowa
23. FL
24. usa
25. winchester kentucky
26. Eastlake, Ohio
27. Evergreen, Colorado
28. NY
29. NW
30. Pacific Northwest USA
31. Southeast USA
32. Central Missouri
33. Michigan
34. ohio
35. Colorado
36. Texas
37. North East
38. north west Wa
39. Rome, Italy
40. AZ
41. Omaha, NE
42. Arizona
43. Germany/Afghanistan
44. MN
45. Mid- South
46. South
47. Ft. Rucker, AL
48. northeast
49. Denver
50. Iraq
51. Michigan
52. cleveland,oh
53. ATL
54. florida
55. NASA GRC, Cleveland, OH
56. Lakewood
57. Kansas
58. southeast
59. Howell, MI
60. Tennessee
61. Northern California
62. Connecticut, USA
63. texas
64. Seattle, WA

Total Respondents 66 (skipped this question, 52)

Again, thanks to all who responded!

Monday, December 18, 2006

This Survey question required a bit of thinking...

The following features may be added to Girls With Wings in the near future. Please rate the importance of the following features.

First number is a precentage of people in each category, second number in parenthesis is the actual number of people who chose this answer. I put in bold the winning category for each question. My comments follow in italics.

Coloring Pages
Very Important 24% (17) Important 28% (20) Somewhat Important 39% (28) Not Important 8% (6) Response Total 71
Coloring pages can be found here.

Ability to fill in and print a "Future Pilot" License.
Very Important 34% (24) Important 39% (28) Somewhat Important 18% (13) Not Important 8% (6) Response Total 71
I am working on having a Girls With Wings club that will incorporate this idea. It is a very large project that has to be contracted out to a studio (beyond my abilities). Please be patient while I raise funds!

Interactive Games
Very Important 41% (29) Important 36% (25) Somewhat Important 17% (12) Not Important 6% (4) Response Total 70
Please visit the fun page to see the game.

A BLOG (Web-based journal).
Very Important 24% (16) Important 32% (22) Somewhat Important 38% (26) Not Important 6% (4) Response Total 68
Well, you found it!

Downloadable Screensavers or Animations.
Very Important 24% (17) Important 31% (22) Somewhat Important 34% (24) Not Important 10% (7) Response Total 70
Please visit the fun page to see the screensavers.

Ability to coordinate for Pilot Speaker/Presentions at Educational Forums.
Very Important 46% (32) Important 40% (28) Somewhat Important 11% (8) Not Important 3% (2) Response Total 70
I've been attempting to get people to sign up on either the Girls With Wings forum or the Generate LIFT forum. You can also contact the women via the bios page, or contact me directly and I will search my contact list to help find a speaker.

Introductions to Pilot Mentors.
Very Important 69% (49) Important 17% (12) Somewhat Important 13% (9) Not Important 1% (1) Response Total 71
See above comments.

A Message Board.
Very Important 34% (24) Important 48% (34) Somewhat Important 17% (12) Not Important 1% (1) Response Total 71

Ability to purchase items over the phone or fax.
Very Important 21% (15) Important 32% (23) Somewhat Important 31% (22) Not Important 15% (11) Response Total 71
Feel free to use the phone numbers on the website to contact me if you are not comfortable with eBay and Paypal. 216.577.6131.

Information on other Aviation Careers.
Very Important 70% (49) Important 17% (12) Somewhat Important 11% (8) Not Important 1% (1) Response Total 70
The bios page is a huge success. I just need more bios!

Total Respondents 73 (skipped this question) 45

Friday, December 15, 2006

In response to yesterday's post, I received this email:

comments = Hi, I'm 7 and I think your site is already good, but to make it more interesting I think you should make more games.

I completely agree! We are working on it... Unfortunately, I can't make the games, and so I have to hire someone to do them for me. I am devoting everything right now to Penelope Pilot. I have seen a picture of the prototype doll, so just know she is on her way. I'm getting there!

Another survey question:
How do you rate the usability and appeal of the Girls With Wings website as a destination for the young girls you know? What changes do you feel are essential?

1. Excellent resource with young girls ability to connect via computer access. Keep updating...old dates and info turn off potential candidates since they want a reliable source of info on a regular basis.

My response: this is why I am hoping more people will post on the message board. I am a one woman show here and there are a lot of behind the scenes work to be done. I am always looking for volunteers, if you're interested!

2. I like it
4. good
5. i don't know
6. i think now a days we saw that a girl is facing very difficulties in armed forces specialy in us armed forces they raped by there officers and coligue in my opionen girls should not come in armed forces
7. First visit so it takes a while to load at 56k modem speed.
8. I think that this is a great website it attracts young girls WHO WANT TO BE PILOTS to come on too!
9. For my daugther, more interactive games.
10. Instilling in young girls that an aviation career is attainable, no matter what anyone may say
11. This is my first visit, but not my last. I will also visit your other web sites. I am very impressed and very interested in what you are doing for young girls. I have written a bio and will submit in a few minutes.
12. It is very cute and interactive I would give it a 10
13. I bought a toe ring from the Girls with Wings store at Airventure, it broke, I'm very disappointed about this.

My response: As I say on my eBay store listings, I take customer service very seriously. I need my customers to be repeat customers and to tell their friends to buy merchandise (or we won't get any more games...) Please contact me for a replacement.

14. geared to much toward very little kids not to the ones actually on their way to get their license.

My response: My focus with Girls With Wings is to appeal to those little girls that instinctively are interested in aviation (airplanes, helicopters, space, etc.) that can't find resources appropriate to their age range. My intent is to broaden the age range as I grow. The female aviation enthusiast bios, at least, can appeal to all ages, and the email links will help you get in touch with women interested in assisting others on the way to getting their license. Again, feel free to post questions or comments on the message board and we will be able to facilitate dialogue there. ALSO, I do try to direct women old enough to get their license to resources more appropriate, like Women in Aviation, International, and the Ninety Nines, etc. We are all working together to make the future of women in aviation brighter!

15. its ok
16. none
17. Good
18. dont know first time here.
19. very good
20. My 9yr old loves it! Possibly more interactive activites related to aviation?
21. It's great! I think the coloring section is fun (even though I know it took a lot of time/money).
22. I think its a very fun website but it doesnt necassarily inspire young girls to become pilots. maybe if you told them what flying was like.

My response: I'm working on this. Please! Ladies who are submitting bios, include this information. Or post on the message board. Also, if I weren't on standby at work so much, I'd be including more information about my flying activities! (But working less on Girls With Wings, so it's a balance ;o) )

23. First visit - so I will have to get back with you on that. :) So far it is great!
24. Navigates well. Graphics and colors work.
25. Very easy to use. I like it as it stands, but for a more sophisticated computer user, there might be other ideas. I am still learning to navigate websites from my daughters!
26. It's a good website. I tried to enlarge the Kids'Page and/or enlarge one of the images so that I could send them to a child for coloring. But I was unable to enlarge a single image. I wanted to print out all of them individually but was unable to do so. the website is colorful and fun!

My response: I believe I fixed this after I read this comment. If anyone is having problems, please email.

27. I think it would be neat if you could link future girls with wings to women who are already flying. I like all of your ideas listed in 4. also!
28. Young, fun and creative. The site will attract many young girls.
29. good unknown
30. good
31. Still can't open the website. Perhaps I should redo this questionaire a second time after I have a chance to "see" the website.
32. I think that my daughter (at 2 1/2) would love to get on your website to play games or to download coloring materials. It would be great to also use the website to discover how to pursue a career in aviation. I love the Bios. It would be nice to transfer the motivation into something that would change lives. I could see mentoring as a great way to spread the word and change lives.
33. I think it is a very appealing site for young girls. I would have to spend more time looking at all aspects of the site before I could recommend changes.
34. well i think its a great site but if had a little games of flying and stuff
35. Newsletter improving with each issue. Good mix of photos and interest stories. Should appeal to young girls - not too long to read through. Some of the features in #4 below may be worthwhile "if" newsletter is being marketed to young audience, i.e. girl scouts, schools, etc.?
36. A+. Just keep doing a great job!
37. content. content. content. A good goal for a website such is your Lynda, would be to put twice as much usable content (ie: research of famous female pilots, how to get into flying clubs, civil defense info, etc.) as you do fun stuff like the pics and store.

My response: This is a great idea. I think that since these are things being done on other websites, I would rather link to them and spend time on doing the innovative! There can be a lot more intellectual content in the future, but I want to get the basics down before I broaden my focus too much.

38. I don't really know any young girls (other than my 3 mos old daughter) well enough to say. Sorry!!
39. some of the pages are cluttered with several images; i can imagine that it might be overwhelming for some kids.
40. Don't know any young girls who visit it yet

Again, thanks for everyone's input. I take comfort in the fact that the majority of the comments were positive. Don't hesitate to share with me your comments via the forum (since the survey is closed).

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The next question on the survey was the following:

How often do you visit the Girls With Wings and/or the Very Important Pilots Websites? Select one answer for each item.

Girls With Wings Website

This is my first visit. 68% (80)
At least once a week. 5% (6)
Once a month. 9% (10)
Bi-monthly, coincident with newsletter. 9% (11) (Note: the newsletter originally came out every other month.)
Less often (but more than once). 9% (10)
Response Total: 117

Very Important Pilots Website:
This is my first visit. 66% (57)
At least once a week. 2% (2)
Once a month. 7% (6)
Bi-monthly, coincident with newsletter. 10% (9)
Less often (but more than once). 15% (13)
Response Total 87

Any other Women in Aviation Related Websites
This is my first visit. 25% (23)
At least once a week. 20% (18)
Once a month. 19% (17)
Bi-monthly, coincident with newsletter. 7% (6)
Less often (but more than once). 30% (27)
Response Total 91

Total Respondents 118

I would like to add more games to the website to encourage more children to the website, since the new bios seem to be what brings the older visitors. Of course, this costs money, and I am still working on bringing it in!

Feel free to add your comments to these questions at any time. What would keep you coming back to the website?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hi all,

I'm going to start posting the results of 2005-6's survey about Girls With Wings. Hopefully I can answer to some issues that were brought up and all of you can help me redirect Girls With Wings to make it as successful as it can be! Below you will also find some links to websites that support GWW and that GWW supports.
Thanks for your interest.

First question, and easy one on Site Familiarity.

1. How did you FIRST hear about Girls With Wings?

Saw a Brochure in an FBO (General Aviation Facility). 0.9%
Received the Newsletter from a Friend. 12%
Search Engine. 6%
Referral/Link from another site. 16.2%
Visited the Exhibit at the Women in Aviation Conference. 7.7%
Elsewhere (broken out below). 57.3%

1. saw article on Lynda Meeks in AOPA Flight Training mag (found at
2. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
3. A friend of mine, Kandi Horton, thought I would be interested in checking out the website.
4. A friend told me about it and emailed me the link.
5. Ask Captain Lim's website (I'll have to take this person's word for it, I can't find a link to GWW)
6. September 2006 Flight Training Magazine
7. on google.
8. i saw advertisement in newspaper that pakistan airforce are recruting female GD pilot in pakistan airforce so i m very shocked to listen this news
9. AOPA Pilot magazine
10. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
11. read about it in Flight Training magazine
12. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
13. AOPA Flight Training article
14. 99 meeting
15. website was forwarded to my from my father
16. aopa "flight Training" magazine
17. Propwash internet mail (again, can't find the mention)
18. Why we Fly - Moment of truth. Lynda Meeks' story in Flight Training Magazine
19. AOPA Flight Training magazine
20. Oshkosh WI Airventure (We'll be here next year, too!)
21. the 2006 Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.
22. Flight Training Magazine Article
23. I met the President, Lynda Meeks, at an airport while walking to my aircraft on a cross-country stop-over.
24. from a magazine article
25. AOPA Flight Training
26. AOPA Magazine
27. Ebay Items (
28. AOPA flight training magazine
29. Aopa Flight Training Mag
30. my mom told me
31. AOPA Flight Training
32. AOPA article about Lynda Meeks
33. AOPA Flight Training magazine
34. Oshkosh booth
35. 99s e-mail network (An international organization of women pilots founded in 1929.)
36. oshkosh airshow
37. received a gift (girls with wings t shirt)
38. Visited the booth at EAA Air Venture 2006.
40. From my wonderful friend Lynda!
41. parent told me about it
42. link from a friend
43. ANN-aero news network (
44. aero news website
45. referred by one of your women pilots involved with GWW.
46. eBay
47. 99s listserv
48. eBay
49. Referral from brother
50. Pro 99s
51. dont really remember, mabe the Pro99s listserve?
52. my mom flies site (
53. Ebay-looking for "girls" flight clothing.
54. My LTC forwarded an email referring to this organization with previous senders to include Kathleen M. Meilahn American University, Washington, DC Master of International Service Candidate. I have just now tried to open the website to check it out but the page and the newsletter are not opening at present. Will continue to try.
55. Flight Instructor
56. My dear friend - Lynda Meeks
57. I was introduced to this site while writing a book about 9/11. (Lynn Spencer's Book, Clear the Skies, about the effect the events of 9/11 had on the aviation industry)
58. From Linda first email
59. through the 99's pro pilot listserv
60. I can't remember!
61. You :)
62. 99s Group
63. At the Lake Erie 99s meeting
64. Through the 99s blog.
65. I designed the first website!
66. Saw a reference to it on the Pro 99s email listserv.
67. Heard about it from UAL Capt. Meryl Getline (