Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Contributed Post from Heather

Great Websites for Aspiring Aviators

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) movement that focuses on promoting these areas in education has made great strides in fostering these ideas in our nation’s classrooms. We are seeing a huge jump in the numbers of our youth getting interested in related topics such as aviation. This is a field that has always seemed to have a masculine hold over it; but through the efforts of STEM these doors are being opened up to women more and more. To help this push we’ve come up with a list of solid websites that focus on our youth getting engaged in aviation. Without further ado here’s our list:

The Youth Aviation Foundation – This site is dedicated to providing mentoring to children about aviation and helps promote strong leadership skills as well.
Violet the Pilot – This is an excellent site that allows the reader to go on fun, educational and fascinating flights with the fictitious Violet the Pilot. This is a perfect introduction to the curious child who has a serious interest in aviation.
SciJinks – This is a very interactive site that is perfect for young teenagers to learn about the different effects weather has on aviation. It also has a strong section on learning how to prepare for the different weather patterns encountered in the skies. This is hosted in part by NASA.
ProFlight Futures – This site is geared for the high school student interested in a career in aviation and is also very helpful for parents and educators. The site gives the user an insight into how you can get on the aviator career path and also supplies information about scholarships and grants to flight schools. Very insightful!
Flights of Inspiration – This is a UK-based website that aims to inspire young adults to consider a career in aviation. The site takes you through a number of fascinating trips in aviation history with looks at some of the industry’s incredible luminaries.
AvKids – This is an excellent site geared to the younger aviator as it explores the industry in terms accessible for the younger set. There are interactive games for the user to partake in and excellent photo albums dedicated to the world of aviation. This is also a great site that children and their parents can look at together.


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