Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amy, another Girl With Wings

Preflight is a check, Roger mic is operational. We’re still old school so we have an in-flight service, Oreo’s and apple juice on the tarmac if you please. After a snack it’s time for a little nap, no extra charge for blankies. Who needs this pesky mic anyway, I’m am not talking to ATC. Aha…. the sugar induced coma along with the hum of Lycoming IO-360, it doesn’t get any better than this. Is that a spec of Oreo on my bottom lip? Even after landing and pushback into the hangar I am still out light a light. My daddy is such a smooth pilot. The plane is a Vans RV8A we fly out of HFY in Indianapolis, I prefer flying with daddy as apposed to riding in the minivan with mommy.

-Amy, with help from her dad, Brad.

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