Thursday, July 17, 2008

Workouts, part II

I wrote previously about trying to get good running routes on the road. Since I run only other day (or try to), the other days I try to do some other form of aerobic conditioning with some weight training. Luckily, most hotels that we stay at have some kind of fitness center. The quality varies, from a barely usable 1980s era stair stepper, to the high tech ellipticals or the equivalent with a tv screen right in the console! If I'm lucky, there will be free weights or machines.
However, some days we have to be at the airport at 6, 5, or even 4 in the morning. As you can probably imagine, getting up at 3am is hard enough, much less getting up in time to workout. I had to do that at the start of this tour, but there was good news. I was flying to SWF, or Newburg, NY, where my friend Kim (a GWW and recently commissioned in the Air National Guard) was drilling with her new unit. We were only able to spend a few minutes together, as she had to get back to work and I had to get the airplane ready to fly to TEB (yes, ending up back at the trails through the Meadowlands (I call them a swamp...). But pictured the C5s at Kim's unit, seen on final approach into the airport as I was airlining to my airplane.
Our airplane had a maintenance issue, so we were done after our flight to TEB, Teterboro, NJ. They did have a nice workout room, so I had to force myself to go workout in the evening. I am much more of a morning person. But again, we had a 4am show, so I knew I couldn't work out in the morning. Same thing today. Ended up in TEB late in the day, so I switched to running.
One can work out on the road, but you have to stay disciplined. It is SO easy to just go back to the room and veg. With all the food we can get on the road, though. I would soon outgrow my uniform!

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