Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hotel Amenities

You're probably wondering why I have a picture of a toilet on my pilot's blog. Well, this is about "life on the road" and a big portion of our job is spent traveling to and from and staying in all types of hotels. They can run the gamut from luxurious to barely habitable. Luckily my employer does send us to nicer hotels, and the "barely habitable" ones" are only selected where there are no other rooms in town and the only other alternative is sleeping in the airplane.
There are a few things you would expect to be in any hotel room; a bed, a bathroom, a tv, etc. Additionally, most of the hotels we stay at will give us internet, and as previously mentioned, a fitness room, spa level toiletries. There are so many things that can go wrong in a hotel; for instance, I have learned that before I start unpacking, I make sure that I completely check the room for cleanliness. It's one thing to walk into a room that's already assigned to someone else (awkward!) or obviously hasn't been visited by housekeeping, but it's frustrating to have unpacked, removed and hung up your uniform, only to find a mess in the bathroom. The front desk will usually offer another room, but who wants to pack up again and move??
Then there are the times where there is a mass of school kids traveling to a hockey game or something that are so loud you can't get any sleep. Or maybe the person next to you just likes the late night Letterman show on REALLY LOUD. I carry earplugs for such situations, like last night when I could hear all the freeway traffic.
So to answer why I have pictures of a toilet. I haven't see these kinds of toilets since left Japan. There called Toto toilets and they make available sprays of water to help in cleanliness. There is also, a nice perk here in Michigan, a heated seat feature.

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