Friday, July 04, 2008

Lost baggage

Well, it finally happened. After ten years of flying for regional and fractional airlines, the commercial airline that brought me to the airplane for this week's tour neglected to send my suitcase all the way along with me. I know it's safer to carry all of your suitcases on the plane with you, but it gets so tiring lugging that thing around and maneuvering it down the aisle. So usually I just check it. I had to change airlines on my commute from Cleveland to Monterey, so I should have known it would get lost in the shuffle.

Since we had to fly the airplane to Pendleton, OR, there wasn't a way to get my bag other than have it, my suitcase, travel to Bangor, ME (on the redeye, no less), so it could meet up with me the next day. I spent a night in the hotel without all of my gear. Makes you wonder why you pack so much stuff when you can see what you can do without. OK, maybe for just a night. I didn't have my workout clothes with me, and I try to work out every day, that includes on the road. Plus two days in the same shirt is hard on the other pilot (or at least his olefactory glands).

I couldn't work out this morning either (couldn't being a relative word), because we had a 4AM show at the airport FBO to sit standby. I couldn't get up any earlier than 2:45. Seriously. Sometimes you just have to concede to human's propensity for sleep. I don't know how long we'll be sitting here, but since there is no wireless (usually standard in most FBOs) the time is going to go a lot more slowly....

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