Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lynda and Brenda

I was so lucky my first tour to end up at KVNY (Van Nuys, CA) on my first tour. The airport is just a few minutes away from the home of the first ever Girls With Wings Scholarship Winner: Brenda!
The 2008 Scholarship will be announced next month. We are always looking for donations - we seek to encourage more new pilots: the only requirement is that the applicant cannot have yet received her private pilot's license.
Wherever I go, I try to keep in mind who's in the local area. Unfortunately, at my job we never know where we're going too far in advance and it's always subject to change. Once we get to our intended destination there's no telling how long we'll be there. If we are the back up for another trip, we might have to do a "quick turn," grabbing fuel, supplies, and our clearance and go! That's why I love this kind of flying. I got bored with the scheduled commercial airlines. Going the same places, everyday, at the same time... The only difficult part of this job is getting everyone I know to understand I am completely unable to answer the question, "Where are you flying to tomorrow?"

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