Friday, July 11, 2008

Girls With Wings and Touching History

Just in case you missed the announcement in the last newsletter, we have a special promotion for Full Flight Crewmembers (Support Crewmembers: upgrade your membership!). GWW Flight Crewmembers will be sent a free copy of this book with any order from the online GWW store (current and new Flight Crew). Email for limited offer details. If you are not receiving the newsletter, please add to your address book.

Touching History: The Untold Story of the Drama that Unfolded in the Skies over America on 9/11, a recent book out by GWW Lynn, is a definite success. See her schedule of upcoming speaking events.

Touching History: The Untold Story of the Drama that Unfolded in the Skies over America on 9/11

Finally . . . the complete story. Simon & Schuster presents the gripping, inspiring minute-by-minute account of the heroic battle in the skies on 9/11.

The story of the astonishing drama that played out in the skies and in the military installations and air traffic control towers on 9/11 has never before been pieced together and portrayed in a vivid moment-to-moment drama.

In this riveting book, commercial pilot Lynn Spencer brilliantly brings that drama to pulse-quickening life. She went on a quest to interview the vast number of people caught on the front lines in an unprecedented air war in which thousands of commercial pilots with flights in the air, air traffic controllers, military commanders, and jet fighter pilots snapped into stirring action. Calling on their exceptional preparedness and unflinching readiness to put their lives on the line, they improvised a defense against a shocking threat the nature and extent of which they could have no comprehension as the events unfolded.

Her sources include hundreds of key players, from Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers to the FAA's command chief, to the general in command of air defense for the United States, the controllers who tracked the hijacked flights, and the fighter pilot, who, with no weapons loaded on his jet, unquestioningly accepted an order to take down United 93 with his own plane.

Lynn Spencer has crafted a powerful and vital account of the unknown story of the pivotal day in American life.

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