Friday, July 18, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It occurred to me that the picture of the rope "chocks" didn't make it into the previous post. I also thought that I should take a picture of the usual chocks so you'd understand the difference.

Today's trips took us from NJ to Houston, where it was unbelievably hot. The funny thing was, the FBO people there said, "you should have seen it last week."

The really nice thing about flying the Citation X is having an APU (auxiliary power unit) which can run the air conditioning before the engines are started. Unfortunately, we can't always stay in the airplane. We have to get out to greet and board the passengers and load their bags in the back. Rain, sleet or snow.

There are a very few FBOs that have canopies we can park under, but they're pretty rare.

The picture shown here is in Louisiana, where showers moved in over the field while we were waiting for our next passengers. Sometimes I wonder why I bother styling my hair in the morning when I know it'll be flat within the hour!

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