Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Run like the wind

I was kind of struggling for a topic to post on the blog. No significant weather or maintenance issues, and I've been sworn to secrecy about my passengers...
My flight training partner, who you met in a previous post, suggested I talk about eating right and exercising while traveling. First, the exercising, especially with my being 39, is really important to staying alert and feeling good on a pilot's crazy schedule. (Have you seen the picture of the 41 year old olympic swimmer?? Shown at left courtesy a NYT article - I've subtitled it "My hero!")
We might have to show up at the airport at 4 am one day and then fly until 4 am the next. Most hotels we stay at have fitness centers, which I try to visit every other day. The other days I try to run.
I'll stop at the front desk to ask for recommendations, and every once in a while get lucky and get to run along a wooded trail or river path. Sometimes I have to run around an outlet mall or industrial park. Not very scenic, but listening to NPR on my player helps.
Sometimes the hotel clerk is clearly NOT a runner. For example, day before yesterday the clerk said I could take a left and then a right, and I'd find a park. Ok, discovering said park, but a swingset in an open lot does not do me any good! I ended up doing my 6 miles around the city blocks. This morning I ran around trails around a marsh in New Jersey. The actual trail was nice, but the sight of the murky muck and the smell was not so.
I also try to leave word at the front desk about where I'm going and when I should be back, just in case...
More later. Have a great day!

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