Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The July Girls With Wings eZine is out!

Just in case you aren't yet subscribed to the eZine, we just wanted to let you know about some of the great stories in there...

For example, congratulations are in order for GWW Kim, who received her commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the USAF Air National Guard last week. She will soon be attending flight schools in Mississippi and Texas for over a year and will be returning to the New York Air Guard's 137th Airlift Squadron, 105th Airlift Wing, flying the C-5A "Galaxy." She will be updating her bio soon to let others know how they might follow in her footsteps. We are so proud of you, Kim.
I was honored to administer her oath to the State of New York. I had to drive roundtrip from Cleveland to Knoxville to do it (this 8 hour trip that really took 10 each way, what with construction and rain, not that I'm complaining...), but was honored to have been invited to attend the ceremonies. Kim has been an active, visible, and dedicated volunteer with Girls With Wings from the start. She found the website while she was just looking in to flight lessons, and we GWWs shared in her quest to find out all of her options and opportunities. The Air Guard is looking for fewer and fewer pilots, so her acceptance into officer school and flight school is a reflection of her great qualities, intelligence, maturity and personality just to name a few.
Her parents, seen pinning on her 2LT rank at left, were understandably proud. Her daughter was just one of a handful of women in her training class. I spoke to the captain in charge of her training, and she said Kim had a "steep learning curve," going from a straight civilian to an officer in just six weeks. We both think Kim is destined for great things. I hope that you will drop her a line to wish her well and stay tuned to the website for updates on her training in the T-6A Texan and T-1 Jayhawk.

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