Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kudos to the Wichita River Walk!

I stay at hotels quite a bit, and it is rare to find one that has running routes identified for the guests. Since I'm such a fanatic about trying to stay in shape on the road I talk about this quite a bit, so I will show you the standard that has been set.
Checking in to this hotel once previously, I asked for running routes. Imagine my delight when I was handed this pocket sized rigid card with running routes of various distances already mapped out (personal injury disclaimer included). Too bad it was near freezing and raining out that day. I decided to forego the run since I didn't want a resulting cold. But as mentioned in a previous post just a couple of days ago, the weather in Wichita was perfect.
Due to a time constraint, I thought I would do the 5.6mi route. But it was so nice out and the trail was so nice, I just kept on going. This was a well maintained - and clean - walk along side the river, past a reflecting pool of a (perhaps) museum, and through park like settings. At the turn around point, I was running by golf courses and playgrounds. THEN there was an recreated old West town.
  1. It was great! Imagine my surprise when trying to search for the Wichita River Walk on the internet that I could find nothing. I mean, what a treasure trove for Kansans. Sigh. So instead, I noticed the card was created by "Athletic Minded Traveler." On their website they have a list of about 75 cities with specific and reliable recommendations for:

Fitness-focused hotels
Fantastic health clubs
Running routes
Lap pools
Places to eat

Too bad you have to buy a subscription. If they post more cities up here, I would definitely consider signing up!

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    What a great idea! I have run outside only once or twice at hotels. In marathon training in CMH, I was up for a 14 miler and at about 8, found myself in the middle of the ghetto! So I tend to stick to the treadmill, but I've been running a lot more lately and further. I never think to ask the front desk, though!