Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last survey question: Why do you personally have an interest in the success of Girls With Wings? Choose as many as applicable.

Response in Percent followed by Response Total

I am a parent. 45% 27

I am an educator. 20% 12

I am a pilot and want to share the joy of flying with others. 51.7% 31

I am a female pilot and want to make the future of women in aviation better. 55% 33

I have a female family member or friend who is a pilot. 28.3% 17

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a female pilot. 0% 0

Other (please specify). 31.7% 19

1. Relative of mine is interested in learning to fly.

2. I was told I couldn't do it! I joined the Air Force, but never tried to get my commission and become a pilot. That was for guys! Your too pretty to worry about that stuff, I was told. Crap, I say! My daughter won't hear that stuff!

3. i am an 11 year old girl pilot

4. I have a niece

5. MCFI who has truly enjoyed teaching and seeing young pilots reach their goals.

6. I'm a future pilot.

7. I am also interested in increasing awareness for women in military aviation (and more specifically the 'fighter/jet' community). I am often amazed at how often people are surprised to hear that, as a woman, I fly for the Navy, especially in fighter-type aircraft. In addition, I am also amazed with how few woman there are in my community....I'd like that to change.

8. i am on my way to getting my license.

9. i am a teenager intrested in avaition

10. I am inspired by my daughter who wants to earn her pilots license.

11. Girls get caught up in the desire of boys and having kids without having self esteem and the desire to think for themselves. I want little girls to have goals and aspirations for themselves so that when they have kids they can pass of the great opportunities available.

12. Our organization is very active in STEM and promooting female career opportunities.

13. Girls to aspire to more in life then graduating from high school, getting married, and having kids. Not to say that that is a bad thing but we all need to live!

14. I have two nieces, one who I have regular contact with and she enjoys many of the things I do that her parents do not, besides, flying is cool and she wants to do cool stuff.

15. Our granddaughter thinks flying is wonderful and her brothers and male cousins say "girls can't fly" I think she is going to show them all up in a few years. At 4 1/2 she is already asking to fly the plane.

16. Women Fly?? "Another empty kitchen and proud of it!"

17. im a student who like to learn more about how women can do the same as men

18. Believe in girls achieving whatever they want to do - sky is no limit.

19. I've met too many people who didn't realize that "there was such a thing as a female pilot."

Total Respondents 60

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