Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello All!
I apologize for not posting lately, but we were really busy at work last week. We flew a lot, and encountered a lot of wind (why is it always a headwind?), illustrated in this photo.
If you look at instrument panel, the bottom middle screen shows our "map" built by the flight management system (FMS). The upper left is 272, the direct track heading (what direction the airplane is flying), the number in the middle, 277, is the heading of the nose of the airplane. The right number is the distance to the next point HOBAR, in pink name of an intersection in the middle of the screen. The bottom left is the number the heading bug is set to (279). The autopilot is in navigation mode (as opposed to heading mode), so this has no effect on the airplane's direction of flight. The bottom right is our speed over the ground (gspd). The reason our groundspeed is so slow is because of the number in the green. The arrow shows we have a headwind, and the speed of that said wind is 135knots! Imagine working against that kind of a breeze....

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