Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aviation Scholarships

I get so many emails from people asking me for money so they can become a pilot. It is very expensive to get a private pilot's license (anywhere from $7000 to $10,000, depending on where you live and what you will be flying). So, becoming a pilot has to be in your blood. It's not usually something someone does just on a whim. People can work and save, take out a loan (which I don't usually recommend), and/or look for assistance in coming up with the cash.

Besides the incredible Girls With Wings scholarship (deadline November 1), there are so many scholarships out there - and those providing them are usually begging for qualified applicants!

One of the best sites I have found is: (thanks to Dorothy!)

About (from the website):
While pursuing my pilot certificates and ratings, I looked for and began to keep a listing of scholarships that I could apply for to help fund my flight training. Over time it grew and grew so I created a site and posted them on the internet to try and help others find money to fly too. Being female, I placed a special focus on cataloging grants for women. As such, much of my list contains awards for females only but there are some that are open to men as well.

Each scholarship has its own application deadline

Amounts may vary from year to year

Some awards may not be given every year

Contact the issuer for application or more info

The scholarships listed on this site are mostly one time awards of $250-$3,000 to help defray the cost of flight training for a pilot certificate or rating. The awards on this page are not restricted to collegiate aviation students only, hence are a resource for those pilot who cannot tap into all the money available to such students. This type of list was the goal of my scholarships website which I began to compile as I flight trained towards my goal of becoming an airline pilot.

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