Friday, October 24, 2008

A and P

Girls With Wings is a site for women in ALL areas of aviation, but it's predominately pilots now. We need more A&Ps represented on the website!! They have a support network of their own already. Here's a couple of examples.

Wait, what's an A&P, you ask? It's an aircraft maintenance technician:

A person who fulfills the necessary requirements is issued a Mechanic certificate with either an Airframe or Powerplant rating, or both. It is these ratings which together account for the common practice of referring to mechanics as "A&P's." Until 1952, instead of the Powerplant rating, an Engine rating was issued, so the abbreviation "A&E" may appear in older documents.

There is a better description at

There are organizations specific to women who do these jobs.

One has a mentoring program: "Jet Ahead, women mentoring women, is a mentor program for women A&P students around the country. Our main goal in this program is to bring the students together with a mentor who has been out in the field and can answer questions and help alleviate concerns. This is a program designed to be flexible in meeting the needs of A&P schools as well as their students. This is a great networking tool for your school, and yourself. So if you are interested in this program, whether you are a student, a mentor or a school, please let us know."

Another has a scholarship (deadline November 21):
Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance
"We are a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of championing women's professional growth and enrichment in the aviation maintenance fields by providing opportunities for sharing information and networking, education, fostering a sense of community and increasing public awareness of women in the industry."

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  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    That's awesome to have a group just for A&P! To have someone to talk to and learn from who is already in the work field. women mentoring has different aspects of life a women can get motivated in as well when they need something to read =)