Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One of five shocking paychecks

As I sit down to look at my email today, Yahoo has a picture of an aviation mechanic featured on the front page with a link to "Jobs with Surprising Pay!"

Number 5 is Aviation Mechanic:

A vocational school training program can land you a solid living as an aircraft mechanic. The $40,000 to $80,000 earnings range reflects the specialized training required to perform avionics repair and maintenance. Aircraft mechanics inspect landing gear, instruments, cabin pressurizing systems, aviation electronics, and more.

The Lowdown: The FAA certifies 170 trade schools to train aircraft mechanics in the craft. Most programs take 19 to 24 months to complete, although some schools offer 2- and 4-year degrees in avionics or aviation technology. Average Salary: $49,670
(BLS, 2007)

Not bad - and it's a great way to get your start in aviation. Plus, having all of this knowledge if you continue on to be a pilot comes in real handy!

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