Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Volunteer Opportunity on November 4th.

Women Take Flight, Past and Present at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT

Women Take Flight is an opportunity for girls to meet remarkable women who have pioneered careers for women in aviation and aerospace. Presentations are made throughout the day featuring the experiences and achievements of these women. Actresses take the roles of early aviation pioneers and bring history to life through theatrical presentations. All of this takes place amongst the unique collection of aircraft of the New England Air Museum. A food vendor and gift shop are on the premises. Visitors will receive a souvenir brochure with biographies of the participants. The group rate for groups registering by October 26, 2007 is $5 per person.

Presented by the New England Air Museum in collaboration with the Ninety-Nines.

Alphabetical list of participants: Patricia L. Beckman, (Navy Ret'd Commander/Flight Officer/Boeing Flight Test Navigator), Mary Burns (Captain US Air Force, flew F-15 in Iraqi Freedom), Susan Chambers (Corporate Pilot), Cindy Doane (Helicopter Test Pilot), Kinda Eastwood (Air Force Mechanic/Pratt & Whitney Field Service Engineer), Honey Fulton Parker (sister of Dorothy Johanna Fulton, an original WAF of WWII), Nathalie Hacken (Commercial Pilot), Patricia Harmon (Pratt & Whitney Engineer), Kiran Jain (Director of Marketing of Bradley International Airport), Marilyn Pearson (FAA Aviation Safety Inspector and aerobatic pilot), Tammy Richardson (Bessie Coleman Reenactor), Kim Schlichting (Skydiver), Cindy Smith (aeronaut), Sheila Thompson (C130 Navigator), Connie Tobias (Harriet Quimby Reenactor and commercial pilot), Wendy Trudeau (Skydiver), Terry VandenDolder (Air Force/Commercial Pilot), Kathy Wadsworth (Aeronaut)


10:00 Museum opens with women at their stations in the Military Hangar. Stations will be open 10:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:30.
Touch Screen Program, Women In Aviation Kiosks in exhibit halls

10:45 Reenactor Presentation Tammy Richardson as Bessie Coleman, the first African American aviatrix, and Connie Tobias as Harriet Quimby, the first licensed female pilot

12:00 Showing of the film, Blue Horizon, The Women AirForce Service Pilots of World War II - ArtReach-International Education Center

1:00 Education Center Presents

2:15 Education Center Presents Honey Parker Fulton presenting the life of her sister Dottie Fulton, an original WAF

3:30 Panel Discussion (Cindy Doane, Marilyn Pearson, Connie Tobias, Terry VandenDolder). Moderated by Commander Trish Beckman, USN (retired)

5:00 Museum Closing

Location = The New England Air Museum is located on the grounds of Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT. Please refer to the museum website for directions, http://www.neam.org./

Volunteer opportunities = Any women in aviation who would be interested in participating in this year's event can contact me directly, Caroline d'Otreppe, Director of Educational Programs, New England Air Museum, caroline@neam.org, (860) 623-3305 ext.13.

For more information = Caroline d'Otreppe Director of Educational Programs, New England Air Museum (860) 623-3305 ext.13, caroline@neam.org
Flyer and Press Release available at http://www.girlswithwings.com/Calendar.html.
Website = http://www.neam.org/

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