Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Patterns: Tales of flying... and of life

Patterns: Tales of flying... and of life was written by a Girls With Wings role model, Bette Bach Fineman. Written in a casual story telling style, this chronicle of a woman's journey toward finding herself is very inspiring. Broadsided by her husband's betrayal (can you guess who he was?), she chose to exceed everyone's expectations of what a woman with aviation on her brain can accomplish. Mind you, she did this as a single mom of six kids! This is a very pleasant read of a woman who didn't let her circumstances keep her down. She doesn't dwell on how difficult it must have been to keep her family fed, just on her willingness to take advantage of opportunities that came her way, from mechanic to ferry pilot, flight instructor to artist. If the stories of the amazing flying adventures don't get you, the tales of the kindness of strangers and friends will.

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