Friday, October 26, 2007

Encouraging anyone to be a pilot...

This is an entertaining, realistic, somewhat cynical view of life as an airplane. Even given all of this, I still love being a pilot!

Flying the Unfriendly Skies with an Airline Crew: Tales from an Aluminum Tube

In the movies, they always seem to swagger a bit. A hat cocked slightly to the side, shoes polished to a high shine. They move at a steady pace, never looking rushed, always relaxed and followed by a well dressed gaggle of flight attendants, all walking through a brightly lit, impeccably clean airline terminal somewhere. A hushed reverence silences the gate area when they show up, doling out a nod and a smile to the small children who point up at them, maybe a wink for the pretty girl stealing glances at them. And then as suddenly as they appeared, they are gone, disappearing down that long dark jet way. That was your flight crew, ladies and gentlemen, and that old stereotype, like Elvis, has just left the building....

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