Thursday, October 18, 2007

Local Lakewood OH Article

My neighbor, Steve FitzGerald, started up a hugely successful community news site. I met him first because his small dog got loose a couple of years ago and kept me company while I planted some flowers. In return, he arranged for me to meet one of his writers last summer for an interview, and this is the result. To read the entire story, please click the link (this way you'll get the benefit of better format and pictures).

Lakewood's Lynda Meeks Loves Her Job
Her Second 'Job' is Helping More Girls' Dreams Take Flight!
By Sarah Valek, Reporter
Lynda Meeks is one of those rare people who loves her job. She doesn't speak about her career. She gushes! When asked what she loves best about her job, Meeks is quick to answer in four words...
“Small office, great view!”
She doesn't work in some cubicle overlooking downtown Lakewood or Cleveland - her "office" overlooks mountains, lakes, skyscrapers and forests.
Lynda Meeks, 38, is a pilot with a private airline. She works an eight days-on and seven days-off schedule, flying around the country as a self-proclaimed “glorified limo service.”
“It's funny, when people find out I'm a pilot, they're like 'Oh really, how long have you been flying?' as if it's a completely new thing.”
Meeks has been flying for 14 years.
“There are so many things to love about being a pilot,” she says. “Sometimes we have to wake up way before the sun comes up, but that only means that in the windows of our airplane we get to watch the sun rise.”
She hopes her enthusiasm for aviation will catch on, especially with young girls. That's why she created "Girls With Wings... Dreams Take Flight."

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