Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Standing By

I've been spending some time sitting standby at an FBO in Florida. Since most of the FBOs have wireless, I can get a lot of online things done. Usually I don't sit in the crew lounge, since it's hard to be productive sitting in a La Z Boy in front of the TV. Sometimes I will see if I can't sit in a conference room - it's got a good environment for making me feel business-like and productive. However, I prefer the FBOs that have separate little workstations, kind of like phone booths with desks. Even better, like this FBO I've been hanging out at, with a view of the outside. Either overlooking the front door, like the one elsewhere in Florida where I've seen folks like Kenny Chesney, Shaq, Michael Jordan, etc. walking in (Note: these are not necessarily owners in the airline I fly for - so I'm not giving anything away here). Or I can get a view of the ramp, like in the picture above. Note my company's airplanes lined up on the ramp. I'm pretty proud of working for such an airline. You can't go anywhere without seeing another of our airplanes. Here in particular, you couldn't spit in the FBO without hitting one of our pilots (if that's what you wanted to do - I wouldn't recommend it). But it shows we're still doing well despite the currently poor economy. I know I did a good thing when I came here.

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  1. If you're ever in PBI, look me up! I'll take you to lunch or dinner or show you my favorite running spots!