Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wing Scouts

I was trying to find a picture of the Brownie logo for a story in my eZine, and came across information about the Wing Scouts.

The Wing Scout Program was a popular older girl Girl Scout program begun in 1941 for girls "interested in flying and wanting to learn enough about aviation to serve their country."
1941 sounds pretty early, but would you believe the GS had an aviation badge in 1916!?! Makes you wonder why 92 years later we're still trying to get more women into aviation.

In 1959, Girl Scout Council in North San Mateo County was presented with an offer from United Airlines San Francisco Management Club President J. L. Burnside to start an aviation program for Senior Girl Scouts.

At that time, the council had been in search of a program that would challenge the interest of Senior Girl Scouts.

One of the highlights of the Wing Scout program was the courtesy flight provide to Senior Girl Scouts using United Airlines' jets. For many of the girls, this was the first time they had flown in a plane.

The Wing Scout program was not for show, participating girls took it very seriously. As a result of their proficient training and ability, Senior Girl Scouts who had been in the program for three years were given the opportunity to take over the controls during flight in a small aircraft.

The program continued into the 70s, when it was discontinued after United Airlines experienced financial setbacks.

If you would like to volunteer to speak at Girl Scout or other school events, please visit http://girlswithwings.com/volunteer.html. See the calendar of events or make a request. Pictures on this post courtesy of Kate, my niece.

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