Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting Home

It's seems like I just got home and here I am getting ready to go back on the road again!

I found some pictures that I took one night getting back from a tour. I now park my car at the train station right before the airport. I started doing this because I had been parking at the local FBO and tipping the driver $5 each way to take me to the commercial terminal. It always made me nervous, thinking that if I got to the FBO and everyone working there was out doing something else (refueling airplanes, marshalling aircraft, etc.), there might not be anyone to take me to the terminal and I might miss my flight.

So, not only was it cheaper to park at the train station ($1.75 each way), the train runs every 15 minutes, so I'm pretty well assured of making every flight. Plus, I only have to unload my bags once - get them out of the car and into the station. Although the station does have the slowest elevator ever built. I also enjoy going right from the flight into the train station, located in the terminal. There are always interesting characters taking the train as well.
The problem is, one night I came home to find 3 MAJOR scratches in the paint of my car. Not keyed, someone had to have used a screwdriver or some other such tool to scrape down to the bare metal. In retrospect, I wish I would have given myself the "insurance" by parking at the FBO.
These pictures actually weren't taken returning from my last tour. I was home by 5pm, when it was still light outside. It's such a bonus, getting home when there is still time to do something. Unfortunately, the movies that I rented sat unwatched while I cleaned up the messes that my newly adopted cats left for me. Sigh.

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