Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy Week!

It has been a very busy tour this week, and so I have not been posting much on the blog for the last few days. Getting up before 4 or 5 am means I get to the hotel pretty tired at night. If I'm lucky, I have enough energy to work out, but then I'll have NO energy left to get on the computer!

Anyway, I got pretty LUCKY this week, because I got to fly into the Denver area, where my best friend lives. Cindy is an America West Airbus pilot and Girl With Wings who I used to work with at Air Midwest, the regional airline. Yes, I know that AM West merged with US Airways - but I prefer AMW. She got to see the inside of the Citation X and meet the captain I was flying with.
The Rocky Mountains are so cool to fly over (we also flew over the Grand Canyon, but I have yet to take a picture worth publishing - the Canyon is just too big and no picture does it justice).
Cindy is at right with her son Cody, because of whom (and a daughter, Sophia, 6) she is taking a leave of absense from the airline. When she was working she would fly for an overnight in Cleveland every once in a while and visit me, but now we rarely get to see each other. Her husband flies for FedEx, and they will soon be moving to Hong Kong. I wish we flew more international trips to Asia, but so far I've only gotten as far as Canada in the X. Bummer.

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