Friday, December 29, 2006

What merchandise would you like to see Girls With Wings produce?

Response in Percent followed by Response Total
Dolls with accessories. 39.7% 25
Calendars, note cards, stickers, other printed materials. 65.1% 41
Books/Videos/Software, etc. 57.1% 36
More apparel for children. 60.3% 38
More apparel for adults. 47.6% 30
More layette items to give as gifts. 25.4% 16
Jewelry. 42.9% 27
Hats, bags, other accessories. 46% 29
Other (please specify). 17.5% 11

1. games for free
2. ...deleted, inappropriate...
3. Logo golf balls. A lot of women play golf.
4. school supplies, folders, notebooks, pencils etc. my child would definately stock up!
5. Airplane toys, airport toys and set ups
6. Clothing is great, just try to remember there are some pilots who are not a size 8.
7. Perhaps medium sized posters for kids' rooms.
8. Decorative nursery items with feminine aviation themes and colors. My daughter and son-in-law are decorating their baby-to-be's nursery in an airplane theme. I thought they were crazy! My son in law has a private pilot's license in Alaska. I was on e-bay looking for airplane items that might work for a baby's room. Impressed by your website, "Girls with wings".
9. Books written specifically with GWW motives in mind, not just run-of-the-mill publications.
10. Anything that would get young women into aviation.
11. "girlified" toy air craft toys.....toy remote control planes and helicopters....maybe in "pink".

Total Respondents 63
(skipped this question) 55

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