Friday, December 15, 2006

In response to yesterday's post, I received this email:

comments = Hi, I'm 7 and I think your site is already good, but to make it more interesting I think you should make more games.

I completely agree! We are working on it... Unfortunately, I can't make the games, and so I have to hire someone to do them for me. I am devoting everything right now to Penelope Pilot. I have seen a picture of the prototype doll, so just know she is on her way. I'm getting there!

Another survey question:
How do you rate the usability and appeal of the Girls With Wings website as a destination for the young girls you know? What changes do you feel are essential?

1. Excellent resource with young girls ability to connect via computer access. Keep updating...old dates and info turn off potential candidates since they want a reliable source of info on a regular basis.

My response: this is why I am hoping more people will post on the message board. I am a one woman show here and there are a lot of behind the scenes work to be done. I am always looking for volunteers, if you're interested!

2. I like it
4. good
5. i don't know
6. i think now a days we saw that a girl is facing very difficulties in armed forces specialy in us armed forces they raped by there officers and coligue in my opionen girls should not come in armed forces
7. First visit so it takes a while to load at 56k modem speed.
8. I think that this is a great website it attracts young girls WHO WANT TO BE PILOTS to come on too!
9. For my daugther, more interactive games.
10. Instilling in young girls that an aviation career is attainable, no matter what anyone may say
11. This is my first visit, but not my last. I will also visit your other web sites. I am very impressed and very interested in what you are doing for young girls. I have written a bio and will submit in a few minutes.
12. It is very cute and interactive I would give it a 10
13. I bought a toe ring from the Girls with Wings store at Airventure, it broke, I'm very disappointed about this.

My response: As I say on my eBay store listings, I take customer service very seriously. I need my customers to be repeat customers and to tell their friends to buy merchandise (or we won't get any more games...) Please contact me for a replacement.

14. geared to much toward very little kids not to the ones actually on their way to get their license.

My response: My focus with Girls With Wings is to appeal to those little girls that instinctively are interested in aviation (airplanes, helicopters, space, etc.) that can't find resources appropriate to their age range. My intent is to broaden the age range as I grow. The female aviation enthusiast bios, at least, can appeal to all ages, and the email links will help you get in touch with women interested in assisting others on the way to getting their license. Again, feel free to post questions or comments on the message board and we will be able to facilitate dialogue there. ALSO, I do try to direct women old enough to get their license to resources more appropriate, like Women in Aviation, International, and the Ninety Nines, etc. We are all working together to make the future of women in aviation brighter!

15. its ok
16. none
17. Good
18. dont know first time here.
19. very good
20. My 9yr old loves it! Possibly more interactive activites related to aviation?
21. It's great! I think the coloring section is fun (even though I know it took a lot of time/money).
22. I think its a very fun website but it doesnt necassarily inspire young girls to become pilots. maybe if you told them what flying was like.

My response: I'm working on this. Please! Ladies who are submitting bios, include this information. Or post on the message board. Also, if I weren't on standby at work so much, I'd be including more information about my flying activities! (But working less on Girls With Wings, so it's a balance ;o) )

23. First visit - so I will have to get back with you on that. :) So far it is great!
24. Navigates well. Graphics and colors work.
25. Very easy to use. I like it as it stands, but for a more sophisticated computer user, there might be other ideas. I am still learning to navigate websites from my daughters!
26. It's a good website. I tried to enlarge the Kids'Page and/or enlarge one of the images so that I could send them to a child for coloring. But I was unable to enlarge a single image. I wanted to print out all of them individually but was unable to do so. the website is colorful and fun!

My response: I believe I fixed this after I read this comment. If anyone is having problems, please email.

27. I think it would be neat if you could link future girls with wings to women who are already flying. I like all of your ideas listed in 4. also!
28. Young, fun and creative. The site will attract many young girls.
29. good unknown
30. good
31. Still can't open the website. Perhaps I should redo this questionaire a second time after I have a chance to "see" the website.
32. I think that my daughter (at 2 1/2) would love to get on your website to play games or to download coloring materials. It would be great to also use the website to discover how to pursue a career in aviation. I love the Bios. It would be nice to transfer the motivation into something that would change lives. I could see mentoring as a great way to spread the word and change lives.
33. I think it is a very appealing site for young girls. I would have to spend more time looking at all aspects of the site before I could recommend changes.
34. well i think its a great site but if had a little games of flying and stuff
35. Newsletter improving with each issue. Good mix of photos and interest stories. Should appeal to young girls - not too long to read through. Some of the features in #4 below may be worthwhile "if" newsletter is being marketed to young audience, i.e. girl scouts, schools, etc.?
36. A+. Just keep doing a great job!
37. content. content. content. A good goal for a website such is your Lynda, would be to put twice as much usable content (ie: research of famous female pilots, how to get into flying clubs, civil defense info, etc.) as you do fun stuff like the pics and store.

My response: This is a great idea. I think that since these are things being done on other websites, I would rather link to them and spend time on doing the innovative! There can be a lot more intellectual content in the future, but I want to get the basics down before I broaden my focus too much.

38. I don't really know any young girls (other than my 3 mos old daughter) well enough to say. Sorry!!
39. some of the pages are cluttered with several images; i can imagine that it might be overwhelming for some kids.
40. Don't know any young girls who visit it yet

Again, thanks for everyone's input. I take comfort in the fact that the majority of the comments were positive. Don't hesitate to share with me your comments via the forum (since the survey is closed).

Have a great day!

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