Monday, December 25, 2006


Yea! Finally back on the road flying, unfortunately a lot of early mornings and long days.

Next survey question:

Based on your background and experience, where would you like to see MORE of a Girls With Wings presence?

Response in Percent, followed by Response Total

Aviation Conventions and Expos. 60% 39
Schools and Educational Forums. 86.2% 56
Online, in website development. 52.3% 34
Airport Giftshops and other stores. 73.8% 48
Other (please specify). 15.4% 10

1. Dovetail programs into Women In Aviation and 99's to show a link to future adult female info and links.
2. games games games
3. i want to join airforce as gd pilot i have lost my chance but still i mcrazy about airforce and aircraft
4. ACTUALLY FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Any where to get exposure. How about a display in airport restaurants?
6. Aviation Museums
7. Magazines, like Flight Training, AOPA Pilot, as well as more "mainstream" like magazines oriented to teens. Also, working with something like the American Girl dolls.
8. Aviation Museums! There are many around the country, and they almost always have gift shops. I know one in Owls Head, Maine, that's a Transportation Museum and well-visited. It has lots of old planes, and a great gift shop with aviation stuff for boys and hardly anything for girls. I'd like to see your stuff there. Could you get your stuff into the Air Force Academy gift shop in Colo. Springs, CO.? Of course, Denver International Airport (DIA) is a must.
9. Schools (Magnet possibly) where there is an afterschool program, perhaps, such as the Spanish Club or Key Club, there can be a future pilots club which provides field trips to aviation museums, guest speakers and tours of military airfields where the girls can climb all over different kinds of aircraft and get the "feel" of what it would be like to work around them. Also, planned trips to airshows!
10. Visual media

Total Respondents 65

Next post, I'll talk about how cold it is up at altitude!

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