Saturday, December 30, 2006

I've spent the last three nights sitting standby in Las Vegas! I'm definitely glad to be getting out of here before the New Years Eve revelers arrive...

Next question:
If this company developed a non-profit division in order to exclusively promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, would you commit to a tax deductible contribution? (This is the Generate LIFT division of Very Important Pilots, LLC.)

Response Percent Response Total
Yes. 34.5% 20
No. 29.3% 17
Possibly (please clarify). 36.2% 21
1. Depends on USA taxation laws regarding foreign contributions eg: Canada
2. How much and how often?
3. Would want to know more first
4. I would be interested in seeing scholarships available.
5. Depends on the funds I would have
6. i don't know
7. If finances allow ( we are one income military family)
8. Don't spread yourself too thin, though
9. if presentations were done at schools or aviation conferences
10. Depends on family commitments, and my previous financial commitment to other institutions.
11. really don't know if I would or not.
12. Tax deductible is important!
13. I would need to know more information first.
14. i dont know what that is or what it means srry
15. my salary is really bad this year, but I'd probably send a few bucks to help out.
16. Can only provide small personal donation, not corporate.
17. YES! When I have a stellar job when I get out of the Peace Corps!
18. I would want to see what is planned for the target population.
19. I'm a flight instructor...I would love to donate, but honestly it depends on the weather!
20. Depends on what is presented. High quality information would result in a contribution.
21. It would depend on my finances at the time and how frustrated I was at the lack of humanities and arts in the local schools at the time.

Total Respondents 58
(skipped this question) 59

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