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Hi all,

I'm going to start posting the results of 2005-6's survey about Girls With Wings. Hopefully I can answer to some issues that were brought up and all of you can help me redirect Girls With Wings to make it as successful as it can be! Below you will also find some links to websites that support GWW and that GWW supports.
Thanks for your interest.

First question, and easy one on Site Familiarity.

1. How did you FIRST hear about Girls With Wings?

Saw a Brochure in an FBO (General Aviation Facility). 0.9%
Received the Newsletter from a Friend. 12%
Search Engine. 6%
Referral/Link from another site. 16.2%
Visited the Exhibit at the Women in Aviation Conference. 7.7%
Elsewhere (broken out below). 57.3%

1. saw article on Lynda Meeks in AOPA Flight Training mag (found at
2. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
3. A friend of mine, Kandi Horton, thought I would be interested in checking out the website.
4. A friend told me about it and emailed me the link.
5. Ask Captain Lim's website (I'll have to take this person's word for it, I can't find a link to GWW)
6. September 2006 Flight Training Magazine
7. on google.
8. i saw advertisement in newspaper that pakistan airforce are recruting female GD pilot in pakistan airforce so i m very shocked to listen this news
9. AOPA Pilot magazine
10. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
11. read about it in Flight Training magazine
12. AOPA Flight Training Magazine
13. AOPA Flight Training article
14. 99 meeting
15. website was forwarded to my from my father
16. aopa "flight Training" magazine
17. Propwash internet mail (again, can't find the mention)
18. Why we Fly - Moment of truth. Lynda Meeks' story in Flight Training Magazine
19. AOPA Flight Training magazine
20. Oshkosh WI Airventure (We'll be here next year, too!)
21. the 2006 Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.
22. Flight Training Magazine Article
23. I met the President, Lynda Meeks, at an airport while walking to my aircraft on a cross-country stop-over.
24. from a magazine article
25. AOPA Flight Training
26. AOPA Magazine
27. Ebay Items (
28. AOPA flight training magazine
29. Aopa Flight Training Mag
30. my mom told me
31. AOPA Flight Training
32. AOPA article about Lynda Meeks
33. AOPA Flight Training magazine
34. Oshkosh booth
35. 99s e-mail network (An international organization of women pilots founded in 1929.)
36. oshkosh airshow
37. received a gift (girls with wings t shirt)
38. Visited the booth at EAA Air Venture 2006.
40. From my wonderful friend Lynda!
41. parent told me about it
42. link from a friend
43. ANN-aero news network (
44. aero news website
45. referred by one of your women pilots involved with GWW.
46. eBay
47. 99s listserv
48. eBay
49. Referral from brother
50. Pro 99s
51. dont really remember, mabe the Pro99s listserve?
52. my mom flies site (
53. Ebay-looking for "girls" flight clothing.
54. My LTC forwarded an email referring to this organization with previous senders to include Kathleen M. Meilahn American University, Washington, DC Master of International Service Candidate. I have just now tried to open the website to check it out but the page and the newsletter are not opening at present. Will continue to try.
55. Flight Instructor
56. My dear friend - Lynda Meeks
57. I was introduced to this site while writing a book about 9/11. (Lynn Spencer's Book, Clear the Skies, about the effect the events of 9/11 had on the aviation industry)
58. From Linda first email
59. through the 99's pro pilot listserv
60. I can't remember!
61. You :)
62. 99s Group
63. At the Lake Erie 99s meeting
64. Through the 99s blog.
65. I designed the first website!
66. Saw a reference to it on the Pro 99s email listserv.
67. Heard about it from UAL Capt. Meryl Getline (

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