Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An update from Amy, GWW Dreams Take Flight Scholarship Winner!

This is the second journal entry provided to us by Amy Dahlheimer, who was selected for a Dreams Take Flight Scholarship from Girls With Wings. The Girls With Wings 2014 Scholarship Program includes the Dreams Take Flight Scholarship was designed to introduce the world of aviation to someone who would benefit from experiencing the joy of flight. This scholarship is intended to fund introductory flight training to encourage achievement of a stated goal, whether in aviation or in another field of study.  There is no prerequisite flight training required for this scholarship, just enthusiasm and the desire to learn.  The Dreams Take Flight Scholarship is in the amount of $500.00, funded by the generous donations from supporters of Girls With Wings, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Amy's application essay is published here and her first here.

This scholarship has helped me more than just financially. This scholarship encouraged me in many ways and it has been great knowing that there is a community of people out there encouraging and motivating girls to follow their dreams. So along with the financial help, I would like to say thank you to Girls With Wings for all the encouragement. Thanks for believing in me! 

 Learning how to fly these past few months has been really great. I would not take back the time I've spent flying for anything! Even though it has been fun, it has been challenging at the same time. I’ve learned that it’s not always easy, but the moment that something finally makes sense or the moment you land the plane on your own makes all the challenges and the hard work worth it. Flying has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I just finished my night cross country, which was one of my favorite flights because of the sunset and the lights. I am getting ready for my solo cross country and hoping to get my license within the next month!

I think that any girl dreaming of becoming a pilot should go for it! It is an amazing experience. I would love to stay involved with Girls With Wings to encourage girls to go follow their dreams. Becoming a part of this community has been a great experience for me, and my intent is to stay involved and encourage other girls become involved. Thank you again to Girls With Wings for encouraging not only me, but girls everywhere. It’s great to see the difference this organization has made and will continue to make!

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