Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is the day

It is nearly 5:30 am and we are packing up for the AirRace. I can't believe it. This has come along so quickly that it has hardly sunk in yet. I am very glad we decided to get a hotel room near the airport.

My race partner, Heather, and I sat through more briefings yesterday and did more flight planning when we could. We stopped by the pilot shop and bought more VFR Sectional Charts. Drew the flyby instructions on our approach charts. Visited Walmart (which Heather has only been to twice) to grab some last minute supplies and food to snack on along the way.

The picture to the right is the instructions we received on how to execute the flyby - which is where our times are taken. It must be executed exactly or we get penalized.

I can't write too much - we have to get over the the breakfast, attend last minute briefings, receive a weather update, get over to the airport with all of our stuff, file our flight plan, pre-flight the Cessna182, top off our fuel tanks, etc., etc. Oh, and Heather is also going to have to tell me how to fly the airplane.

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