Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A look forward at 2014, Part 2: What are your plans to grow the pilot population in 2014?

Another question that I am often asked (the first being what has GWW been able to do?), is what can GWW accomplish? Besides our 2014 Spring Scholarship Program? So I asked the question on the GWW Facebook Page (as nothing ever gets done alone),
What are your plans to grow the pilot population in 2014?
From Aviation Queen Benet Wilson Get my PPL and add to the numbers!! Visit her website.

  • Niccole Radhe I want to start a scholarship in the name of Eli Moore. He would have been an awesome pilot and loved every minute of it too!
  • Amber Phillips Give tours at my work to introduce young kids and women to the aviation field in it's entirety.

  • Caylee Johanson Using my PPL to take others flying and just share my excitement and love for flying with others!!!

  • Donald Gates Elliott Donate an airplane for youngsters to learn to fly... 
  • Alyssa White Big plans to help young girls want to learn.

  • Shannae Terrill I'll be getting my PPL in 2014! So excited! Happy and safe flying everyone. 2014 is going to be a great one.

  • Elizabeth Williamson Get my PPL and start taking other women flying.

  • Tara W Finally finishing my private license!! Only 10hrs away!!

  • Blair Carruthers 1. Interest free start loans to working students (or parents) so every applicant can start flight training, regardless of income level. Ask for details.
    2. Subsidised ab initio flight training on the A320 Jet simulator (flyajet sim) at Bankstown Sydney
    for prospective jet pilots including Intro flight followed by on-going weekly simulator flight training at music lesson prices. A320 ground school to learn A320 systems and avionics and multi crew dynamics. Suitable for applicants from primary school age up (depending on aptitude).
    3. Cost share flights on private aircraft with an IFR rated pilot for Flyajet sim students who want to try real flight (available to all).
    4. Free tours of training schools at Bankstown, including light sport, helo, ppl and professional flight schools and aircraft familiarisation.
    5. Light sport licence training from age 14 (full licence at 15) at Bankstown.
    6. Subsidised Inspirational flights to inspire new aviators, open to all ages. (Youngest observer passenger was 6 y.o). Occasionally free seats available.
    7. To licensed pilots a free program to fly aircraft around the world and to have access to advanced high speed recreational aircraft for sale, hire or training. See


    As a sport pilot I am committed to promoting aviation everywhere and to the early flight training model for commercial and recreational pilot candidates alike.

  • From Twitter: 
    Ron Klutts @Captain_Ron: "I have 2 students about to take check rides, a third in progress to solo, and 2 more students ready to start."
    So become one or make one!

    May I suggest to everyone that you take others flying whenever possible. Don't fly alone unless you have to!!

    Visit the Girls With Wings Group on Facebook to add your suggestions.

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