Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A look back at Girls With Wings: Please share!

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what others think of GWW. I know what it means to me! So I asked: Please share with me what Girls With Wings has meant to you, and what you think it means to others.

From our GWW Facebook Group:

  • Amber Phillips Community

  • Lynda Meeks Yes, I definitely think we have the community part down People keep asking me how many pilots we've made or dreams we've inspired. How does one track that? I'm hoping to get others to speak up!

  • Caylee Johanson Encouragement and a group to keep me accountable & motivated!

  • Amber Phillips Hopefully! I've found out recently I'm trying to cram too much in.. I just can't wait to help with this more! As odd as it sounds, winter is busy for me, personally. Hope the other ladies can give some encouraging words. It's always fun to hear their stories too

  • Dave F Ryan To me Lynda, it is an open doorway to share and and direct women to, who are interested in flying, though lack the pathways to go further than a desire to be up there while down here looking up there.

  • Christina Vance Halli To me it's putting a face on the term women pilots/aviators...something my generation didn't get to see...having real role models.

  • Lynda Meeks Thank you all for contributing! It does mean a lot to me. I spend a LOT of time on the internet trying to maintain all of these connections, but it warms my heart to see the GWW community grow!
 From the GWW Facebook Page:
  • Brad Koehn Discipline, devotion, hard work for a noble cause.

  • Amy Blechman Girls with wings means inspiration , hope , and peace of mind because it provides us with living examples of women who go after their dreams and help uplift and motivate each other to achieve what they dream about ..peace of mind because it provides us with living examples of women who go after their dreams and help uplift and motivate each other to achieve what they dream about .. That to me is peace of mind ... To know that it can be done ... That someone like me can do it no matter how long it takes and what obstacles I will encounter along the way .. I've seen it with my own eyes ! Thank you Lynda !

  • Girls With Wings Thank you for your input! I hope to gather these comments and put them as testimonials on the new website

  • Samantha Cerchero To me it means instilling passion and focus in a fast-moving, distracting world. It means a community of strong and wonderful girls and women, all coming together to support and nurture a love of aviation

  • Gecyca Martin I think this page posts a lot of great aviation info/articles/photos. While Mostly geared towards younger girls- I enjoy it. I am in my mid twenties and planing to attend flight school in a couple of yrs. I "liked" the page, because I was looking for aviation info/inspiration. I am fascinated by aviation, and cannot wait to learn to fly!

  • Mahdi Khosravi Girls often have a fear of flying, and very few of them are interested to fly. I think they should be more familiar with this issue and your page is really great for this job.

  • Olivia Rose Donahue It means that there are people out there willing and wanting to help you achieve your goals! It's wonderful to know there are still such good and well meaning people out there. My future career has always been my main material focus in life and it means everything to me when someone tries to help me to achieve it. My career, which is flying as I have decided, will be more than a job to me but a source of happiness and inner contentment to me. I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't satisfied in my everyday job. Thank you soooo much to you who try to make our dreams possible; you are the greatest and are my friends for life!

    It warms my heart to read these comments. I hope to continue growing this community in the New Year. Please visit our Facebook pages to stay in touch. 
    Best Wishes to all of you, 
    Lynda Meeks

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