Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A look forward at 2014, Part 2: The GWW Air Race Classic Team

The Girls With Wings 2014 Air Race Classic Team thus far:

These five GWW Scholarship Winners, Najla, Amber, Susan, Caylee, and Caitlin, have teamed up to enter an airplane and crew to participate in the Air Race Classic, an historic transcontinental speed competition for women pilots.

They've got big plans to make this event, taking place June 16-19th, a huge opportunity to promote the mission of Girls With Wings - to inspire girls to reach their full potential!

However, they will need help. They are hoping to completely raise all of the funds themselves - which they estimate to be in the range of $6-8000. These costs can be reduced by getting some items donated, like the airplane, food, lodging, etc. They are also planning various fundraising activities, including those with merchandising (buying your GWW/ARC t-shirt). We'd like to tie in a program to encourage as many girls as possible to follow the race - perhaps get them a "logbook" to send each of them at the end. We've got some publicity to do!

Yup, big big plans. That means we need your help. Each of these ladies have taken on a management role in the hopes that we can find volunteers to accomplish the following tasks:

Caitlin – Chief Pilot
Caylee – Secretary and temporary volunteer manager
Amber – Publicity Manager
Susan – Logistics Manager
Najla – Fundraising Manager/Treasurer

Lynda Meeks, the ED of GWW, will be advising throughout.

Visit this webpage for further details as they become available.

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