Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Traveling Cross Country

I ended the year 2007 by traveling across the US. I actually started my flights on Christmas day, when I flew from Cleveland to New Hampshire. It had been particularly warm in CLE and we had lost all of our snow, so I was happy to see some white stuff.

You have to be careful what you wish for, because I then flew across the Rocky Mountains (to the right) into Telluride to drop off a family for their holiday vacation.

We also had a flight across Monument Valley in Utah. You can read more about this amazing landscape at It looks much better from the ground - I drove through here once on my move from Texas to Minnesota (I took the long way).

Last but not least, we flew from California to the Phoenix area, which took us right over the Grand Canyon. If you've never been to the GC, it is so much BIGGER than you would imagine. It is so wide and so deep that you actually lose your depth perception - it looks like a painting.

A great explanation is found on

Two Eyes = Three Dimensions (3D)!Each eye captures its own view and the two separate images are sent on to the brain for processing. When the two images arrive simultaneously in the back of the brain, they are united into one picture. The mind combines the two images by matching up the similarities and adding in the small differences. The small differences between the two images add up to a big difference in the final picture! The combined image is more than the sum of its parts. It is a three-dimensional stereo picture.

The word "stereo" comes from the Greek word "stereos" which means firm or solid. With stereo vision you see an object as solid in three spatial dimensions--width, height and depth--or x, y and z. It is the added perception of the depth dimension that makes stereo vision so rich and special.

Pilots, by the way, are tested for and must have depth perception.

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