Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hi all,

I've been sitting in front of my laptop ALL DAY getting the merchandise numbers updated for the Girls With Wings store since I have a couple of retailers placing orders this week for GWW items to put in their stores! My back is killing me... I'm not complaining TOO much, though. I appreciate everyone's support.

I also contacted Women in Aviation, International, about their conference in Orlando, FL, next February. This is a great organization of women aviation professionals and their website is In last year's booth, I took video clips of conference attendees telling the interviewer what they did and why they LOVED it (aviation enthusiasts usually love what they do) and posted them on the website. I have asked to do it again this year, and hopefully I can get a quieter corner (the video online has some background noise). Have a look though, and hope to see you (and interview you) at the conference.

Talk to you soon...

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