Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lauren, A Dreams Take Flight Scholarship Winner!

This is Lauren's essay from her application. As an awardee of this scholarship, she has agreed to send us updates on her flight training, which will be posted here when they are received. 

Being awarded the Dreams Take Flight Scholarship would allow me not only to fulfill my personal dreams but would also allow me the opportunity to share my experiences with girls across the nation. My personal dreams related to aviation are to become an aerospace physician in the U.S. Air Force and to earn my private pilot’s license. I will achieve my first goal by attending college and enrolling in a pre-med program. After graduating from this program I will go on to medical school, and after getting my license I will join the Air force. In preparation for my private pilot license, I am taking Sporty’s Flight Course which will aid me during the written test. This training will also allow me to be more educated for the next time I can fly in an actual airplane. After passing my test, I will need to take lessons in the cockpit of a real plane.

My motivation for this chosen career stems from a peculiar sequence of events. As an honor-roll student, I’ve always been told I’d become a doctor; even though I never believed it. After completing an aviation maintenance internship with NASA-Langley, I was exposed to the career of an aerospace engineer. I was thoroughly interested in the career, and I now take a college course for it. I love the concept of aerospace, but I had to realize that I enjoy interacting with people instead of blueprints and machinery. So, I continued my search for a promising career, and with some guidance from my air traffic control teacher, I found what I was looking for; the aerospace physician. This career in the perfect middle between medicine and aerospace. Whilst researching this career, I wondered upon the Girls With Wings program.

My involvement in Girls With Wings is limited as I am fairly new to the programs, but I will definitely stay involved. I would like to become a role model for the Girls With Wings organization to teach young girls that aviation and STEM isn’t just for boys. I want them to open their eyes to the fact that, the world of aviation is larger than people actually realize. This means that great opportunities are waiting for us all; such as this one. I, for one, have taking advantage of many aviation related programs and opportunities.

My achievement and participation in other organizations related to aviation have been plentiful. As a student at the Aviation Academy, I am constantly given chances to meet people with experience in the fields of aviation and aerospace. These conversations have led to me earning internships with NASA-Langley and Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport. While at NASA, I was an aviation maintenance intern and I helped inspect and repair experimental aircraft. As an intern at Newport News-Williamsburg International, I worked with the airport operations managers. My job varied from day to day but mainly consisted of runway inspections, tenant meetings, and event planning. Aside from my schoolwork and internships, I am very active in community service. I recently earned the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award for teaching local youth about aviation fundamentals, careers, and opportunities.

My personal need for this scholarship is another significant factor for my application. As the second oldest of five kids children, my parents are unable to support my dreams of flight. My father just recently retired from the U.S. Army, and is currently looking for another job to support our family. This scholarship award would assist me in making my dreams come true, as I would be able to finally get hours of flight time in my log book. It is extremely unfortunate to have a log book signed by two originally documented Tuskegee Airmen, but empty of any hours.

By becoming a Dreams Take Flight scholarship winner, I would be afforded the opportunity that many miss out on, to chance to accomplish my most challenging dream. If successful, I will finally be granted the training I’ve been so desperately awaiting. Even more so, I could share my goals and achievement with females and aviation enthusiasts alike.

The Girls With Wings 2014 Scholarship Program includes the Dreams Take Flight Scholarship, designed to introduce the world of aviation to someone who would benefit from experiencing the joy of flight. This scholarship is intended to fund introductory flight training to encourage achievement of a stated goal, whether in aviation or in another field of study. There is no prerequisite flight training required for this scholarship, just enthusiasm and the desire to learn. The Dreams Take Flight Scholarship is an award of $500.00, funded by the generous donations from supporters of Girls With Wings, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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