Saturday, June 02, 2012

Alaina's First Scholarship Essay

Track is over, so I have time to fly again! I decided to get a jump start on summer by starting on my private right away; last week I had my first lesson in a Cessna 150. People were really curious to see how it would go. After landing, the best word I can use to describe my flight was... humbling. There were so many new techniques, gadgets, buttons, and nozzles! It seems live a lot at first, but don’t let those scare you away from aviation.

Me with my instructor, Joe Smith; each of us are holding up one finger to represent my first lesson in a 150.

Just know each one of those instruments gives you an opportunity to do something really cool! I discovered there is so more to flying than just from the front seat of an Aeronca Champ; I’m so excited to see what else there is to learn that I’ve scheduled three more lessons before I leave for the Air Force’s and West Point’s Summer Leadership Seminars next week!

This is some point during my pre-flight, my dad was there with the camera the whole time! I will send another update in July to let you know how I am doing and share more fun aviation stories!

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  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Good luck with your training, Alaina! You'll love flying tricyce landing gear airplanes, but there's nothing like a taildragger. Keep current in the Champ! Have a great time at the Summer Leadership Seminars and let us know what you learned there.