Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natalie's First Scholarship Essay

Cleaning the windows
I want to personally thank Girls with Wings and the 99's for finding my story worthy of the 2012 Girl's with Wings Scholarship. This will help me to finalize my last hours as a Student Pilot becoming a true Lady Aviator, a dream finally coming true.

My aviation journey started a long time ago, but had to be put on hold. This year, on my birthday, I awakened with a new vision to finish what I had started so long ago. Never forget your dreams, goals and ambitions, never let someone unravel your direction, especially in Aviation.

Setting up the cockpit
I had no idea restarting my private pilot training would inspire my high school students, starting my own aviation blog website, to meeting fabulous Lady Aviators from all around the world who are encouraging me. No matter how old, no matter the time, no better than the present to go after your dreams. For me, this has been an amazing journey.

Opening the hangar doors, the moment seeing my Skyhawk waiting to be pulled into the sunlight. It is an amazing feeling especially starting the pre-flight. My CFI and I discuss the goals of the lesson, Practical Test Standards (PTS) to be accomplished. I love practicing the PTS standards, I take it as a challenge since I love competitions. Jumping back into left seat, I was not going for the private standards. My CFI knew my abilities and demands are at Commercial standards. I love flying my Skyhawk, the rental at 2G2.

Preparing for flight
Every flight is a great day. It is hard to define to the non-aviator. I can only say, take your first ride and see if it is for you. This year, my high school girls flew for the first time and cannot wait for their first flight lesson. Later this summer, I will host a fly-in giving young future Lady Aviators a chance to see what Aviation has to offer at Jefferson County Airpark and beyond. Thank you again Girls with Wings and the 99's for believing in me as I continue to inspire my high school and college students realizing "Flying Sets You Free!"

Written by: Natalie Campana-Lucas
Photography by: Cloud 9 Aviation


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Natalie, So good to hear you're flying again! Keep studying and keep flying and don't you dare forget your dreams! Keep us posted on your progress. It's so admirable that you're sharing your love of flight with your students. You're a good role model already.

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You've come a long way since OU.
    Congrats on earning your wings! always remember, oil, airspeed, altimiter... and nose to the horizon.