Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet Natalie, our third Scholarship Winner!

Yes, it's true, we had only been planning on awarding two scholarships for our Spring Program, but we felt like Natalie's efforts to promote aviation to her students deserved special recognition. Thanks to a donation from the Antelope Chapter of the 99s, we also awarded Natalie $500 for her flight training. Her application essay follows her cover letter.

Dear Girls with Wings Scholarship Committee:

I am writing in response to the 2012 Girls With Wings Scholarship. My CFI recently told me about this fantastic opportunity for future female pilots.

As you’ll see on my enclosed packet, in addition, I am high school multimedia instructor who have created video and photography projects utilizing my favorite airport, 2G2. I even have graduates helping to film and produce segments at the airport.These young ladies never flown before, not even commercial. They cannot wait for the Ohio weather to break and fly again. I love to inspire others!

Flight School cost has tripled. I have been saving. Yet, it is never enough. You always want to make sure your prepared following every guideline for an FAA Check-ride. This scholarship would give me the opportunity to finish my training at Jefferson Aviation Flight School located in Wintersville, Ohio. I have only need practice and I am almost there!

I can only hope that my dream might inspire other students’ towards theirs. Thank you for this opportunity to apply for your scholarship. I believe Lady Aviators need to stick together since we are so far and few.
Happy Flying,

Ever since I was three years old, watching airplanes take off at 2G2. I wanted to fly. At Ohio University, I was fortunate to sit right seat. I truly fell in love with aviation. Yet, I could not afford it. I still flew right seat saving my money. In 2008, I found a flight school and was learning in a Cessna 150. Tragically, the recession hit. My airplane was grounded due to not enough pilots’ flying. Devastated, I walked away with only a check ride left to seeing my dream of holding my Private Pilot Ticket. The nearest airport for a rental was forty-five minutes away, the cost practically tripled. I saw no hope.

2012, I woke up on my birthday with an old idea in my mind. It was time to recapture my life, my dream and that flight. So, I started a website, and talking to my high school students about my dream. Students who never visited the airport were asking to go. I made arrangements for them to fly under the EAA Young Eagles Program. I entered in a contest with women of aviation for Harriet Quimby and involved my high school multimedia students to aid in production along with my favorite airport, 2G2. They had their first flight later once the weather broke. I could not believe that my dream was inspiring my students. My students are rooting for me! It has been an amazing short journey. 

Then, the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week wrote about my ambitions since my classroom is decorating in nothing but aviation parts and posters. You can found the article on their site.

 In our town, the Fort Steuben Bridge was demolished, my school allowed me to take one students to film and photograph this awesome event with my flight instructor. The photo made the local section of our newspaper. My student, she was so excited and her family could not believe an opportunity since her dream is to become a military photographer. 

 This February, I started Ground School at my favorite airport, 2G2. They have Cessna 172 to finish my flying. The cost is doubtfully expensive. Yet, my husband hosted a surprise birthday party where my parents and in-laws as a gift gave me one hour of flight time. My husband said, go capture your dream and fly again. This scholarship would greatly benefit my flight time and instruction with the Cessna 172. I only desire to be the best pilot in the sky. 

Thank you for this opportunity to submit for your scholarship.

Natalie must submit at least one picture and an associated journal entry on May 31st and on June 30th to the Girls With Wings blog to share with others her training, as well as email a final essay with picture(s) by July 31st of the same year, summarizing how the scholarship helped her, what she learned and her intent to continue her work as a role model and volunteer for the Girls With Wings, Inc., organization.

Stay tuned to read about our other scholarship winner AND DON'T FORGET we have a Summer Scholarship Program, too. Applications will be accepted until June 30th. 

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