Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet Gabby, another 2012 GWW Scholarship Winner!

Girls With Wings would like to introduce you to another 2012 Spring Scholarship Winner.

Gabby is the recipient of our Dreams Take Flight Award which helps defray the cost of flight training lessons in pursuit of a private pilot certificate. This scholarship is designed to introduce the world of aviation to someone that always dreamed of a career in aviation but has not yet had the opportunity to make her dream take flight. The intent of this award is to offer encouragement and guidance toward the achievement of her goal, whether it is as a pilot or in another aviation field.

According to the application guidelines, the essay must clearly delineate the applicant’s plan for pursuing a private pilot’s certificate as well as reasons and vision for becoming a role model for the Girls With Wings organization. The essay should also describe the motivation and inspiration for involvement in aviation. Any achievements and participation in other organizations and related events should be discussed in the essay. Financial need and how the scholarship would improve your ability to obtain a private pilot’s certificate should be covered in the essay. Gabby's application essay follows.

In my earliest dreams I have always taken flight and looked to the sky. My father has always been my main inspiration toward making my dreams a reality. He has always loved aviation and as a child my siblings and I would join him in watching television documentaries about flight and aviation. Sci-fi was also big in our house. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica or any show that had a spaceship, plane or rocket we watched it! As we got older he would take us to the local airshows to see the different planes and helicopters. Dad has always been a hard worker in many technical fields as a mechanic, machinist and later a Quality Engineer. Eventually, he was able to find work at Pratt & Whiney and later at Cessna. He loved working with engine parts, propellers and aircraft. This only fueled his love and mine for aviation. He felt that he could then take advantage of his company program and earn his pilots license. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a rare chronic cancer and eventually had to leave work without becoming a pilot. However, my father never let my dreams die. He encouraged me to keep pursuing my goal of becoming a pilot and working in aviation or aerospace.

This is when my career path became clearer to me. With my parents encouragement I joined the local Young Eagles program three years ago at Skyline Flight School in Columbus, Georgia. Since then I have been on several flights and have even taken over the controls on many occasions. I still remember my first time going up and how I felt so free and excited. My excitement and joy of flying has only continued to grow as I also became a associated with other organizations that promote aviation for young people such as: AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and Sporty’s Pilot Shop. These organizations help by providing resources and free simulation training courses, guides and testing. Learning to fly is only one aspect of aviation and aeronautics. My future goals also include earning an Aeronautics Administration Degree from Embry Riddle University which will enable me to qualify for a fulfilling job with a space center, airport or the FAA. Since Embry Riddle has a campus here locally in Columbus, Georgia, I have a great opportunity to become a pilot and earn my degree locally.

Career choice is not the only challenge in fulfilling my dreams. There are substantial cost associated with flight school and college. My family is not a wealthy one by any means. The recent economy has affected many people and we are no exception. This is why I believe scholarship opportunities like Girls With Wings Dreams Take Flight are so important to me and my goals. It can relieve some of the financial burden and give those like myself a chance that they would otherwise not have. I have not sat back and taken this likely. In order to keep myself in a potion to be considered for such valuable awards, I have worked very hard in my high school curriculum and currently maintain a 3.8 GPA. I am also aware of the responsibility and platform that comes along with such a gift if chosen and strive to exemplify good conduct at school and in the community.

I have learned from my parents that nothing can keep you from dreaming or turning your dreams into reality if you are determined to work hard and not give up. If I am honored to be a recipient of the Girls With Wings Dreams Take Flight Scholarship, I will use my platform to inspire other girls and minorities to reach for their goals in aviation or aeronautics no matter the challenges. I will work hard to be an example to others who have dreamed as I have and to show them that if they are courageous and willing to let nothing stand in their way they can succeed. I believe the opportunities will continue to grow for women in aviation and for little girls who dream and look to the sky.

Gabby must submit at least one picture and an associated journal entry on May 31st and on June 30th to the Girls With Wings blog to share with others her training, as well as email a final essay with picture(s) by July 31st of the same year, summarizing how the scholarship helped her, what she learned and her intent to continue her work as a role model and volunteer for the Girls With Wings, Inc., organization.

Stay tuned to read about our other scholarship winner AND DON'T FORGET we have a Summer Scholarship Program, too. Applications will be accepted until June 30th.


  1. Good luck Gabby! Your essay was inspiring - you go girl!!

    Linda M. Campbell, DD
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Columbus campus
    (706) 568-5485