Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Air Race Classic

We'd like to interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posts  about AcroCamp for a particularly timely notice...

Tomorrow is the launch for the Women's Transcontinental Air Race Classic! 

I participated in the race last year and blogged about it in a series of posts starting with this one.

I had the time of my life and hope to participate again next year. I know so many of the wonderful women participating this year that I hope you will visit the Air Race Classic website and see more about the FIFTY EIGHT teams this year (last year there were fewer than 40!) traveling June 22 to 25 on a 2157.7 nm/2483.0 sm trip from Fort Myers, FL to Frederick, MD. There is even a team fundraising for Girls With Wings:  Team Michigan 2010.

This is an amazing annual event that I wish more people in the general public were aware of and followed. Please spread the word!

The Teams and their websites:
(Girls With Wings Role Models are linked to their bio pages)

Classic 1: Judy Snow (MA) / Sheryl Cole (IN)

Classic 2: (Jacksonville University) *** COLLEGIATE Leah Hetzel (OH) / Sarah Morris (FL)

Classic 3: Marty Goppert (TX) / Kay Renfrow (TX)

Classic 4: (Purdue University) *** COLLEGIATE Lauren Steele (IN)/Allison Springer (IN)

Classic 5: Phyllis Kollar (NJ) / Nancy Christian(NJ)

Classic 6: Patricia Picornell (FL) / Theresa Castle (FL)

Classic 7: Robin Turner (PA) / Rebecca Hempel (TX)

Classic 8: (Southern Illinois University) *** COLLEGIATE Sabrina Zwego (IL) / Heather Heidinger (IL)

Note: I did a blog entry on Sabrina - she started building her own airplane when she was 13!

Classic 9: Mary Wunder (PA) / Alison Chalker (PA)

Classic 10: Debi Dreyfuss (MD) / Pat Manos-Kraemer (MD) / Linda Litwin

Classic 11: Terry Carbonell (FL) / Ellen Herr (FL) / Laura Ying Gao (FL)

Classic 12: Susan Carastro (FL) / Marie Carastro (AL)

Classic 13: Elaine Roehrig (NY) / Marolyn Wilson (NY)

Classic 14: Sandy St. John (TX) / Kathy McDonald (MA)

Classic 15: Julia Matthews (TX) / Arlene Wohlgemuth (TX)

Classic 16: Judy Bolkema-Tokar(FL) / Ruby Sheldon (AZ)

Classic 17: Dottie Anderson (OH) / Jean Sloan (OH)

Classic 18: Anne Marie Radel(CA) / Julieann Sikora (CA)

Classic 19: Jo Alcorn (FL) / Michelle Bostick(FL)

Classic 20: Lin Caywood (MD) / Carolyn Van Newkirk(PA)

Classic 21: Jann Bowne (OH) / Meredith Frederick (OH) / Christine Mortine

Classic 22: Pam Palmieri (MI) / Rebecca Duggan (MI) / Rosemary Sieracki (MI)

Classic 23: Suzanne Braddock (NE) / Nicole Boettger (IA) / Sara Vanderpool (IA)

Classic 24: Joyce Wilson (TX) / Laura Berry (AR)

Classic 25: Camelia Smith (AR) / Martha Molina (AR)

Classic 26: Susan Beall (MD) / Nechama (Nicole) Novack (MD)

Classic 27: Rita Murray (OK) / Kiersten Orrick (OK)

Classic 28: Ethel Bailey (PA) / Barbara Zeigler (PA)

Classic 29: Heather Woiciechowski (CT) / Sandra Terkelsen (MD)

Classic 30: (Southern Illinois University) *** COLLEGIATE Erin Jackson (IL) / Christine Zoerlein (IL)

Classic 31: Claudia deMayo (GA) / Barbara Ann Bowman (GA)

Classic 32: (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona, FL) *** COLLEGIATE Hannah Northern (CA) / Kimberly Ewing (CT)

Classic 33: Debbie Dukeman (NC) / Marlene Raseta (NC)

Classic 34: Mary Sittman (FL) / Leah Dunn (FL)

Classic 35: Donna Wilt (VA) / Catherine Adams (VA)

Classic 36: Tamra Sheffman (FL) / Becky Ritter (FL)

Classic 37: Barbara Goodwin (MI) / Maureen Kenney (CA)

Classic 38: Amy Bogardus (KY) / Colburn Helppie-Schmieder (OK)

Classic 39: Minnetta Gardinier (IA) / Deborah McGee (IA)

Classic 40: Kelly Burris (MI) / Theresa Whiting (MI)

Classic 41:(Southern Illinois University) *** COLLEGIATE Katie Lake (IL) / Ashley Carder (IL)

Classic 42: (Dowling College) *** COLLEGIATE Cecilia Curley (CT) / Megan Chartrand (NY)

Classic 43: Kristen Jurn (FL) / Mayte Greco (FL)

Classic 44: Cheryl Lynn Dratler (FL) / Jessica Stearns (FL)

Classic 45: Terry Nitz (VA) / Bobbi Boucher (VA)

Classic 47: Beverly Cleair (MO) / Teresa Camp (MO)

Classic 48: (Indiana State University) *** COLLEGIATE Kay Brown (IN) / Jessica Campbell (IN)

Classic 49: Barbara Harris-Para (NC) / Laurie Zaleski (NJ)

Classic 50: Felicia Nelson (TX) / Louanne Stenger (TX)

Classic 51: Sue Jones (NY) / Jody Smith (FL)

Classic 52: Pamela Flesher (TX) / Mercedes Eulitt (CA)

Classic 53: Mary Helen Dunnam (TX) /Camille Griffin (TX)

Classic 55: Linda Street-Ely (TX) / Elizabeth Kummer (TX)

Note: Linda did a guest post on the blog about Air Racing

Classic 58: (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, AZ)*** COLLEGIATE Kristen McTee (AZ) / Kim Turrell(AZ)

So as you can see, an amazing group of racers! If you're wondering what the "Collegiate designation means, the Air Race Classic makes a special effort to include collegiate women in the race. ARC welcomes teams to enter the collegiate division of the race. To be eligible for the collegiate division, at least one member of the team must be a student at the sponsoring college or university. Review the list of college teams that have raced previouslyRead stories from past collegiate racers. Is your team in need of additional resources and finances to fly the Classic? Get some ideas on how to make it happen for you.

The Race ends on June 25th at 1700 - meaning every team must be across the finish line at this point (it's not a first one there wins kind of race  - each leg is tallied). There is a huge celebration planned at the Frederick Aiport, home of AOPA, which has been organized by Lin Caywood. Website.  I plan on being there with a table talking about Girls With Wings. I can't wait to congratulate all of the Racers!

And who knows? Maybe I can find a partner for next year's race...

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