Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Honorary GWW Spokespeople, Mike and Donna

If you look very carefully, can you see what's in this guy's back pocket? Well, there's a reason for that...

In an earlier post, I spoke of being a Girls With Wings crewmember and mentioned a couple of members of my Canadian fan club who were doing such a great job promoting GWW on their travels. I found out that they were doing this after receiving an email from a woman in Georgia who signed up for a membership. She wrote me saying: 
"Well, I actually only heard about this website a couple of days ago. I work at an FBO and a pilot came in and asked if I knew any little girls who would be interested in flying. I told him that I have a six year old daughter and he gave me the flyer and two little tattoos for her. He also showed me the picture of his granddaughter in the flyer. I thought that was really neat. I thought what he was doing was great, giving out flyers and letting people know about the website. So since I work at an FBO and have access to a lot of pilots and passengers coming through, I am going to hand out flyers and let them know about the website. This is going to be how I support the flight plan and let other little girls know that this is out there. If that man had never let me know, my daughter would be missing out on all of this."
So here's a picture of the flyer and the said granddaughter. Of course I knew exactly who this was. This friend from Canada been one of my greatest supporters from day one. So I wrote him an email to ask him. Just to be sure. Because there are a lot of guys out there that do plug Girls With Wings. He has sent tons of pictures of Jaime, Jhennifer and Faith (and Connor!) for me to use on the website and brochures. I see him every year at the Oshkosh booth, but unfortunately rarely get a break to catch up with them. (BTW, we'll be in booth 1058 this year - a little ways off from the old one.)

Mike was on a trip in their Debonair with his wife from Canada to the southern U.S. as an early opportunity to thaw out a bit. Here was his response:

Hi Lynda;
Thanks so much for forwarding that letter from the FBO girl in Brunswick GA. She was very interested in your efforts to make little girls aware of their potential in aviation & technology; I think she will introduce her daughter to flying now. It continues to amaze me that even folks that already have a connection with flying don't think to get the girls involved.

I stick a brochure on every airport 'cork board' I stumble on & talk to 'flying people' about your efforts. They're always intrigued, especially women who have girls in their family. We'll continue passing along 'the word.'

And clearly he continued to do so. I just got an email from him wrapping up his trip. After you finish gawking at the Grand Canyon, note Donna's t-shirt.

Mike says, "Over the 8 weeks we had fun talking to a lot of nice folks who appreciate what you're doing Lynda." No wonder he says he needs more brochures and tattoos!  Again, thanks to Donna and Mike and all of the other folks that help with promoting Girls With Wings. I couldn't do it without you.

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