Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The March Girls With Wings eZine

The latest Girls With Wings eZine is now available.

Information on the Penelope Pilot Program and a link to an AOPA Online story "Penelope Pilot encourages girls to take to the sky."

The upcoming event,
Women Fly! at Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Arty's 2009 Ultimate Ultralight Adventure launching March 29th.

And this adorable little girl, Madeleine, and an email from her father, Keith:
"I am Madeleine's father. She is a very bright 4½ year old and very interested in flying. I'm currently acquiring my Private Pilot's license and I look forward to taking her flying with me. Her brother and I have a Dad/Son bond with flying, and she seems to think she can't do it because she is a girl. I am signing her up (Flight Crew Membership) to show her that girls can fly and have fun too... that it's not just a boy pastime. This club will be her first chance of something special she can be a part of that her brother cannot, and I hope she will be more active as she gets older."

Read all about it.

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