Monday, March 17, 2008

The Women in Aviation Conference

Once again, I am humbled by the willingness of others to help me pursue the mission of Girls With Wings. You have not heard from me lately because I don't like to announce when I'm out of town, but I am just returning from the Women in Aviation Conference in San Diego, CA. My group of volunteer workers (from left to right) are: Monika, who I am now coordinating with to promote her documentary, "Flyabout," an inspirational tale of her 30 day trip around Australia in an airplane. Then Adrienne, a Continental Airlines pilot; me; Dave, Kim's boyfriend and charter pilot; Kim, future C5 pilot and USAF Officer; and Kristina, pilot and loving mom of a GWW model!
This was truly the best WAI conference I've been to yet. I don't know if it was an East Coast v. West Coast thing (it was sunny but still cold for CA!), but there was a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm here. Thank you to all that stopped by the booth to talk and who also purchase GWW merchandise to help fund the GWW website and program. Thanks also to my cousin Mike and his family for helping me with merchandise shipping and receiving - at their house - and getting me back to the airport.

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