Friday, March 28, 2008

Flying and Pregnancy

I know I haven't been posting lately. My employer is keeping me busy flying!
I did receive an email from someone asking:
I have a good question to ask you, I dont know if you might know the answer to it but here it goes. One of my aunts was telling me today that she heard on the news that many women pilots have to face a decision on wether they want to be pilots or be a mother, reason being because they were saying that studies show that when a women flies in high altitudes it messes up their menstrual cycle and when this happens it cuts down their chances to be mothers to 50%. Is this true? Im curious to know if its true and why I have never heard this before. I kind of dont believe it but then again i dont know.
I did a little quick research (I'm a pilot, not a doctor), and have posted what I found. Do you have any experience being a pilot and pregnant? Visit the message board and let us know.

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